Updated January 20, 1997

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  • Cycles & Symbols III Conference
    Posted - Jan. 9, 1997 - The Return of Soul to the Cosmos
  • What Sixth Point?
    A draft essay by Jim
    Posted Jan. 4, 1997
  • Valentines Day 1997
    By Dianne Millius
    Posted - Jan. 1, 1997

  • A Golden Opportunity
    Brilliant Insight about the Current Multiple Conjunction, by Eric Meece
    Posted - Jan. 3, 1997
  • Meaning of the Great Cycles of the Outer Planets
    Excellent In-Depth Explaination of 3000 Years of Western History, by Eric Meece
    Posted - Jan. 3, 1997

  • Sychronicity in Jereusalem at 17:35 GMT
    Must See: VERY COOL!
    Updated - Jan. 9, 1997

  • 4 Degrees Gemini Rising Times in Various Cities
    Updated - Jan. 14, 1997

  • Conjuring the Festival of Evolution
    Hot! Caroline Casey at her Finest
    Posted - Dec.22

  • Additional Star Patterns: December to March
    An Excellent Essay by Mathew Stelzner
    Posted - Dec. 20

  • Full Moon and Saturn Rising
    An essay by Jim illustrating the transiting Ascendant
    Posted - Jan. 1, 1997

  • January 23rd, 1997
    Posted in June, by Jim

  • How the January 23rd chart was discovered
    Posted in June, by Jim

  • The Uranus Neptune Conjunction
    The Essay by Rick Tarnas which started all this
    Posted in September

  • Chart to print out in black and white
    Posted in September

  • Chart to print out in color
    Updated - Jan. 19, 1997
  • Mayan Birth Glyph for January 23rd 1997
    Posted - Dec. 28

  • Please Note: We will not be accepting any new material for posting until after January 23rd.

    If you would be interested in contributing an essay about the astrological meaning and significance of the multiple conjunctions in January and February of 1997 please email us an attached file. Either an MS Word files, or text files without line breaks will work. If you send an html file, please save it as a plain text file without line breaks before attaching it to email.