An Introduction to the January 23rd Chart

The points involved in the convergence include both luminaries (the Sun
and the Moon), the planets (Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Mars and
Saturn), and the Ascendant (or Rising Sign). Together, they form a
special planetary configuration.

Looking at the inner circle of the chart, you should be able to easily
detect the lines connecting the points involved which form a "Star of
David" or "Yang Grand Sextile" configuration. Traditionally, a Yang
Grand Sextile denotes "great opportunities".

The rationale for being so "picky" about the time is because the
Ascendant (or sign rising on the horizon) is involved in the final
completion of the configuration. The Ascendant is the fastest moving
point on the chart (cycling through all 360 degrees of the Zodiac each day).

A detailed, "full-blown" interpretation of this particular complex
blending of archetypal energies calls for an expertise in what's
commonly called Mundane Astrology. It's unfortunately not something I
specialize in. I can, however, point out a few significant factors with
accompanying interpretation.

Normally, a configuration of this sort doesn't particularly have a
"focal point" to look for in "pulling together" the meaning of the
multiple energies involved ­p; but, in this case, there is a glaringly
significant triple conjunction involving the Sun in the 9th house and in
the sign of Aquarius. (The planet Neptune can, also -- in spite of still
being in Capricorn --, be considered to be involved in the configuration
because of its close proximity to the planet Jupiter.)

The triple conjunction of the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus denotes
possibilities of "sudden physical happiness or birth", "far-sightedness"
and "an inventive mind". Then adding the Moon (in opposition) to the
complex "mix" further augments the meaning. This includes "good
intuition" and/or an "optimistic outlook". The triple conjunction takes
place in the 9th house ­p; which is typically the "arena of experience"
that I'd call "Jupiterian" spirituality, religion, teaching, philosophy,
higher-learning, long-distance travel, etc. .

Hope your day and celebration goes well.


"You could not find the ends of the soul
though you travelled every way, so deep is its logos...."