Lea Kantor

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Lea and Baruch Kantor wrote:

Hello to you,

Your www.gaiamind.com site is wonderful !!!

I just ran the astrological chart for 23-Jan-1997, around 7:35 pm GMT+2
for Jerusalem, Israel, 35E13 31N47, and I got a perfect star of
david, standing upright, just like the one on the Israeli flag.

Isn't that fascinating ???

And what's even more exciting than that is the fact that 23-Jan-1997
is exactly "tu Bishvat", the hebrew aquarian holiday. According to
Jewish Kabbalah, this day is the best day of the year, Nature's
birthday. On this day all the trees and flowers get their annual supply
of cosmic energy. In Israel we celebrate this day as the trees' birthday
by eating fruit and planting new trees for new forests.

Best regards,

Hello Jim and Juliana,

I would like to suggest a few more pieces for the puzzle of the
New-York/Jerusalem star of David Time-Synchronicity. Please follow the items
below and see if this makes any sense.

1. As you know, the Star of David is a symbol of the
" unity of the mundane and the cosmic ... the perfect conjunction of matter and
spirit". It is the integration (synergy?) of two opposite pure elements (as in
the two sides of the Kabbalistic Tree of life: Left and right, masculine and
feminine) to gain perfection (the center line of the tree of life). This is
exactly the principle of "Alchemy".

(Now, I've just found the following in a book named "The Alchemy of Love", by an
Israeli author: Yoav Berenson. It is written in hebrew and I'll do my best to
translate it. Please excuse my poor English.)

2. "The world is devided to two centers of gravity- West and East. The Western
spiritual attitude is: there is no God, no fate, no direction from above- Humans
are the only rulers. Therefore everything depends on the will of human beings,
and in order to achieve one has to fight (or struggle). Actually, the Western
world represents the classical masculine approach. In the eastern world they
say:nothing depends on us. Everything is "Karma", fate and the in the hand of
God. One has to "flow" with God, not to resist. That's why the eastern world
actually represents the clasical feminine approach.

Both those approaches are right, but also wrong. They are both right because
each side represents one side- either a masculine or a feminine force. They are
both wrong because none of them can see the other side. The only place in the
world, whose energy can contain, simultaneously, femininity and masculinity -
is the land of Israel, because the land of Israel is in the middle, both
geographically and spiritually. It is located where east and west meet.
Therefore, the eyes of the whole world are directed to that land. That is why
there is so much interest in Israel. The wish to create peace and harmony in the
middle east comes from the fact that the fate of the whole world depends on what
happens in The land of Israel. Only those who live in Israel can create the
alchemy of love and spread it as light to the other nations. The jews are the
ones who were chosen for this role that bears much responsibility.

The eastern world is "feminine", so it is more emotional. The western world is
"masculine" and so more inclined to the intellect.
Now the western and eastern worlds begin to change. In the west they look for
the other side because the intellect alone didn't bring them happiness. It
brought acievements, technology and control over the world - but no sense of
satisfaction, tranquility and
happiness. Therefore, recently the western world has begun importing many
spiritual methods from the east, feminine attitudes based on the heart. In the
east there is a movement in the other direcion. They become more "intellectual",
beacause they have insufficient material achievements and independence. Israel
symbolizes the struggle between the western world and the eastern world, because
it is considered the center of the world. Therefore, the greatest polarity is
found in Israel, The Arab-Israeli conflict. Israel itself is in a constant state
of inner split between the right wing and the left wing - with no real
decision. If Isreal is united- if she has inner alchemy- this will be the world
tranformation (repair), because the consequence will be world peace and harmony.
But it all depends on the jews in Israel and their attitude. If they understand
the unity paradox and make it true the world will have

So, as you can see, New York is actually the center of the western world, and
the one that represents it (so it has the star of david's "missing" point on the
ascendant in 4Gemini04). Jerusalem is in the center, between the two parts of
the world ( and it has the "missing" point on the MC in 4Gemini04). Now what we
have to look for is the third geographical point, the "center of the eastern
world" (where we might find, by miraculous synchronicity, that on the 23rd of
Jan-1997 , at 17:35 GMT, the "missing" point will be exactly on the descendant
at 4Gemini04.

If this makes any sense to you and you want to put it on the site, please
rewrite or rephrase it in better english.

Best wishes,

Hi, Juliana and Jim

In my previous message about the "Alchemy of Love", eastern and western worlds
and Jerusalem, I forgot to mention something.

On the Star of David (23-Jan-1997) we have Jupiter on the cusp of aquarius - the
midpoint between Uranus and Neptune. Uranus symbolizes, among other things,
advanced technology and science, therefore it may represent here the Western
world (masculine element). Neptune, on the other hand, symbolizes meditation,
relaxation, vision and inspiration, therefore it may represent the Eastern world
(Feminine element). Jupiter, in the middle, is the ruler of sagittarius, that
has to do with religion, among other things. Jerusalem is the center of the
three monotheistic religions, so it may be represented by Jupiter here. Or maybe
Jupiter represents the Alchemy of the two elements symbolized by uranus and

There is also full moon, an exact oppisiton of the sun and moon. As we know, the
sun (masculine) represents the western world (calendar), while the moon
(feminine) is connected with the eastern world (also calendar), which, once
again strengthens the theory of "the Alchemy of love".

I hope this makes some sense.

best regards,

Thu, 16 Jan 1997

Dear Juliana and Jim,

My previous message was about finding "the center of the Eastern world", the
geographical point where we will have the "missing point" on 4Gemini04, on the
descendant (at 23-Jan-1997 17:35GMT). If we take Tokyo's official coordinates,
we will have the (star of David's) "missing point" on the descendant somewhere
between 2-3Deg gemini. As we know, Tokyo is a very large city. Maybe we can find
a geographical point (or points) inside Tokyo, where the Descendant will indeed
be in the exact "right" place. Do you happen to have a detailed map of Tokyo
where we can check this, or know of any Japanese astrologer who can help us with

Anyway, this seems really strange. It looks like there is a pattern here, as if
there is a hidden web of special points on "the face of Earth", that are somehow
interconnected by a mysterious cosmic power, and which serve as "powerful
energetic centers" (of Gaia's evolving nervous system). I wonder if we can find
the fourth "powerful point", where 4Gemini04 will be right on the Nadir, while
Pluto is right on the MC, at the time of the global meditation. Could it be
somewhere in the pacific ocean? (an underwater secret UFO base, maybe? ;-)).

BTW, could you please explain why you chose 4Deg Gemini for the star of david's
complementary point? Is it because it is considered a "critical point" of the
zodiac, by astrolgers? If so, what exactly is the meaning of that "critical

All the best,