Jerusalem Star of David Synchronicity

The odds against this have to be on the order of a billion to one.

An upright Star of David will perfect in Jerusalem at 7:35 p.m. EET = 17:35 GMT on January 23rd 1997 within less than ONE SECOND of the time at which the star pattern perfects in New York City!

Star of David Chart

17:35 GMT was originally chosen as the time for the Simultaneous Global Meditation by forming the sixth point of the star pattern with 4 degrees 4 minutes Gemini on the Ascendant (Eastern Horizon) in New York City - at 12:35 p.m. EST.

GaiaMind Jerusalem Star of David Synchronicity

About 4 degrees Gemini is required to complete the geometric pattern in the chart on January 23rd. At exactly 12:35 p.m. 4 degrees and 4 minutes Gemini will be rising in NYC. That is the chart used on all of the GaiaMind Project graphics. A similar chart could be cast for anywhere else on Earth at about midday on January 23rd. We chose New York because it is in some sense the center of the world, the UN is there, and the Internet runs on that time zone. It also made the times fall within waking hours in those parts of the world which we would be most likely to reach (except Australia). The time choice did, however, seem somewhat arbitrary. But, by a miraculous synchronicity this time choice has been confirmed.

There are actually two different time dependent points used in astrological charts. The first, most powerful, and most physically "real" is the Ascendant, or Eastern Horizon - the degree of the Zodiac rising at that moment. The second point is the Midheaven - the degree of the Zodiac directly overhead at any given moment. Thus, there are two different times on January 23rd, at each point on Earth, at which a star pattern will perfect. One using the Ascendant, around midday, and the second using the Midheaven in the early evening. Astrologically the first would be considered more powerful, but in this case the second time forms a more graphically powerful upright Star of David. For any given location when one pattern perfects there, the other pattern is simultaneously perfecting somewhere else on Earth. The exact distance between the two locations determines the time. Even a difference of a few thousand yards would change the time by a few seconds.

It turns out that at 17:35 GMT, at the exact SECOND that 4 degrees 4 minutes Gemini is rising in New York City, 4 degrees 4 minutes Gemini is at the Midheaven in Jerusalem, forming an upright Star of David there at 7:35 p.m. EET local time!

The precision of this synchronicity is extraordinary. The Ascendant in New York is exactly 4 degrees 4 minutes Gemini at 17:35 GMT. When I ran the chart for Jerusalem using the ARC atlas database (slightly different than the coordinates Lea first used) the Midheaven was also exactly 4 degrees 4 minutes Gemini at 17:35:01 GMT. Thus, these two charts, in two different cities using the two different time dependent points in the chart, perfect at the same moment in time, a moment which had (apparently) been arbitrarily chosen for the Simultaneous Global Meditation.

An additional synchronicity:
January 23rd is also T"U B'Shvat in the Hebrew calendar, known as the 'birthday of the trees', or Nature's birthday.

Here is a link to the email from Lea Kantor which originally alerted us to the Jerusalem Star of David with Gemini at the Midheaven.