By Louis Acker & Chris Pearle

January 23rd marks the beginning of an important and unusual planetary configuration which lasts through January and most of February 1997. January 23rd is highly significant because the full moon in Leo on that day opposes the sun, Jupiter & Uranus conjunction in Aquarius. The full moon forms a grand trine in fire with Saturn in Aries and Pluto in Sagittarius. The triple conjunction in Aquarius also trines Mars in Libra. At 12:35 Eastern Standard Time, the Gemini ascendant for the East Coast forms a complete grand trine in air with Mars in Libra and the triple conjunction of Sun, Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction becomes more exact in the early part of February, and is precise in the early morning of February 16th Greenwich Time.

The duration of the configuration of Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Aquarius, forming sextiles to Saturn and Pluto and a trine to Mars, is primarily a bowl configuration contained within the opposition of stationary Mars at 5 degrees Libra opposing Saturn at 5 degrees Aries. It is the exactness of the orbs in this configuration that is the remarkable feature of this lineup. The orbs reach their most exact point during the period of mid-February, giving the configuration its greatest power at that time.

On February 6th, the moon and Venus conjunct Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius, forming a remarkable quadruple conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, moon and Uranus in Aquarius within a span of less than 2 degrees. All four planets make a close trine to Mars and equally close sextiles to Saturn and Pluto. This is highly significant for several reasons. In Alice Bailey's esoteric astrology Jupiter is said to be the esoteric (spiritual) ruler of Aquarius, representing the humanitarian brotherhood - sisterhood aspect of Aquarius, while Uranus, the exoteric (normal) ruler of Aquarius, represents the occult and technological aspects of Aquarius. This conjunction combines both, while harmoniously aspecting the other planets mentioned. The moon in esoteric astrology is said to act as a veil or step-down transformer for Uranian energies, grounding them on the etheric and physical levels. Hence, on February 6th, these energies could make a profound impact on the mass consciousness, which is associated with the moon in mundane (political) astrology.

The period between 15 hours 18 minutes and 17 hours 54 minutes Greenwich Mean time, on February 6th, is particularly potent because this is a time when the moon moves between an exact conjunction with Jupiter and an exact conjunction with Uranus. In Eastern Standard Time, this occurs between 10:18 AM and 12:54 PM Eastern Standard Time. In Central Standard Time, it occurs between 9:18 AM and 11:54 AM. For Mountain Standard Time it occurs between 8:18 AM and 10:54 AM. For Pacific Standard Time it occurs between 7:18 AM and 9:54 AM. If we allow a one degree orb, the influence is fully effective 2 hours before & 2 hours after the specified time intervals. In the North American Continent, the AM and early afternoon period on February 6th are extremely powerful for meditative work, spiritual endeavors and inspired creativity.

In our opinion, February 6th is equally as important as January 23rd and could also be used as a day for global meditation link-up. Venus exactly conjuncts Uranus at 12 hours 12 minutes Greenwich Mean Time on February 7th, corresponding to late evening-early AM in North America on the 7th. Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 28 degrees Capricorn, late February 7th, suggesting an intuitively inspired mind-set, which can conceive new visions for future organizational structures of society, government and business. As of 5:54 hours Greenwich Mean Time, Mercury enters Aquarius as late February 8th transitions into February 9th in North America. From this point, Mercury moves towards a closer conjunction with Jupiter and Uranus, forming the exact conjunction with Uranus at 3:50 hours GMT, February 16th, when the Aquarian build-up is completed.

This suggests a universal meeting of the minds resulting in a wide-spread dissemination of revolutionary new ideas and technologies over telepathic and electronic airwaves. Crucial concepts introduced into the holographic newsphere or web of consciousness can link all of humanity at this time. This period represents an ideal time for combining spiritual ideas and computer technology to create a new consciousness.

For this and other reasons, the period between February 12th and February 14th ranks in importance with January 23rd and February 6th and 7th as having critical potential for universal consciousness transformation on planet Earth. They all represent a critical time in which new concepts in science, technology, spiritual understanding and economic/political organization can be crystallized in the collective consciousness. Once this occurs, human history will never be the same again and there can be no turning back!

These dates represent critical windows of opportunity in which consciousness transformation can occur. As Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on February 12th at 18 hours 23 minutes Greenwich Mean Time, it subsequently sextiles Pluto and trines Mars, before conjuncting Uranus at 3 hours 58 minutes Greenwich Mean Time, February 13th. The Mercury sextile Saturn aspect occurs February 12th, 11 hours 34 minutes Greenwich Mean Time. Mercury thus translates from Saturn to Jupiter to Pluto to Mars to Uranus over February 12th and 13th, weaving the threads of a universal communication. Mercury also parallels Neptune at 18 hours 46 minutes GMT, February 13th.

On February 14th, Jupiter makes an exact sextile to Pluto, followed by Mars trining Jupiter, followed by Mars exactly sextiling Pluto. The moon enters Gemini, Feb. 14th at 14 hours 5 minutes GMT, beginning a series of trines to planets in Aquarius, forming a grand trine in air, including within it a sextile to Saturn opposing Pluto. This is perhaps the most mentally energizing aspect of our time. It is a time of genius, an incredible time for mental and creative work. The following day, Mercury parallels Uranus on February 15th at 23 hours 37 minutes GMT which is in turn followed by an exact Jupiter conjunct Uranus aspect occurring at 2 hours 23 minutes Greenwich Mean Time on February 16th. Mercury also parallels Jupiter, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus all represent different levels of the mind. Aspects between all three reinforce the unique mental quality of this period. A Mars opposition to Saturn (hard work) and the sun/moon trine (easy flow of ideas) follow on February 16th. The entire four day period, spanning February 12th through the 16th, marks a unique opportunity for cultural breakthroughs leading to expanded consciousness and the creation of a new paradigm.

All of these periods, January 23rd, February 6th through the 7th, and February 14th through the 16th should be considered highly significant dates for follow-up GAIA MIMD telepathic link-up and associated cultural/spiritual gatherings.

copyright 1997 Louis Acker & Chris Pearle