Additional Stars of David

December 21 & December 26
January18 & January 23
February 14 & February 19
March 13 & March 18

By Matthew Stelzner

I was playing with my new astrology toy: "Star Sprite," a dynamic wheel program designed by TimeCycles research, spinning the transits for December and January forward and backward, when for a moment I noticed the formation of a distinct Star of David, and then it disappeared. I reversed the program and slowed the speed and soon found my goal: a Star of David formation happening on a different date from the well-known January 23rd event. As I continued to explore the transits I soon realized that there were bound to be several other dates when the Star formation would appear. I realized that the central elements of the Star would be in place as soon as Mars was within orb of opposition to Saturn. The other points of the star: Uranus, and Pluto, in their first major aspect since the sixties, would remain within orb for many months. So, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, are the stable four, out of the six, points of the Star of David, and remain within Orb December through March as a result of Mars' station at five degrees Libra. These core elements are joined at different points by the other planets, and therefore some of the Stars of David are more dramatic than others.

In order to get the other two points of the star to form you need the transiting moon and the major coordinates of the place on Earth from which it will be experienced; i.e.. you need to line up the other five points of the star strategically with either the ascendant, descendant, midheaven or nadir. The open points of the star are the oppositions to both Pluto and Uranus. Therefore, twice a month, from December when Mars first comes into orb, till March when it moves out of orb, you can line up the transiting Moon to the opposition of Uranus and Pluto, and then use either the Ascendant (most powerful) Descendant, Midheaven or Nadir, for your Latitude and Longitude, as the sixth point of the Star. This gives a potential for four separate star formations on each date.

I think the most Dramatic Star formations are first, the one on January 23rd when it is occurring during the full moon and just as Jupiter has entered Aquarius. And Second the very exciting one which will Form on February 14 when all the core elements of the star will be in a near exact relationship, all at five degrees of their signs, as well as having the exact Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, and bringing together a total of FIVE planets in Aquarius. Wow! And this star will be forming during the first day of the very exciting Psyche and Symbols conference which will be happening here in San Francisco. So, run out and reserve your space for the conference, its guaranteed to be a VERY exciting gathering of some of the greatest thinkers (and feelers) of our time.

So what is the significance of all these Stars? All I know, is that this particular pattern will never occur again in just this fashion. The Jupiter-Uranus- Neptune conjunction only occurs once every hundred and seventy years, and I'm certain that it has never occurred at the same time as all these free-flowing trines and sextiles, and certainly never before in conjunction with this Star of David formation. Therefore, I think it is a very Significant symbol for this time, a period of three months during which at key moments Stars of David will form and unform, weaving the whole period together into a symbolic unity. But this symbol will only be as powerful as those who enter into it Alchemically and ritually make it so. Any ritual performed consciously during this period will have tremendous power. Lets use our imaginations, and use this symbol as a catalyst for powerful global change.

I used the latitude and longitude for San Francisco for the following charts along with Greenwich Mean Time. In order to find the exact times when these stars will form in your area, (because we are using the transiting Angles as one of the points of the stars, they are only within orb for like fifteen minutes each) you will have to use your own specific latitude and longitude, and then play around till you line up either Pluto or Uranus on the Descendant, Nadir etc.

P.S. For what its worth I also accidentally discovered a Heliocentric (Sun-centered chart) Star of David which formed on December 4th. The orb is wide but perhaps it has some symbolic significance. Any thoughts?

Note from Jim:

The exact times for some of these charts in San Francisco are as follows:

December 21st, 1996 7:18 P.M. PST
- also the Winter Solstice
Moon opposite Pluto, Two degrees Leo rising

December 26th, 1996 2:46 A.M. PST - Boxing Day
Moon opposite Neptune, Four degrees Gemini rising

January 18th, 1997 5:39 P.M. PST
Moon opposite Pluto, Two degrees Leo rising

January 23rd, 1997 12:56 P.M. PST - Our Hero
Full Moon opposite Sun-Jupiter-Uranus~Neptune, Four degrees Gemini rising

February 14th, 1997 4:00 P.M. PST
Day of the tightest alignment of the outer planets at five degrees of each sign
Moon opposite Pluto, Five degrees, thirty seven minutes Leo rising

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