The Aquarian Convergence

By Louis Acker
Christopher Pearce

On rare occasions there occur major planetary events that profoundly influence historical trends. For example, the tone for the '80s was set on January 19-20 1984 when Jupiter and Neptune entered Capricorn one day apart. This event had a profound effect on the attitudes and values of our culture. Capricorn is the most materialistic and blatantly power-oriented sign of the Zodiac. An extreme emphasis on Capricorn during any period of time can bring about a sudden change in the power structure of any society. Too much Capricornian influence tends to lead to extremes and abuses of power. This particular aspect marked the beginning of the "me generation" decade with its emphasis on materialism and marked by Republican borrow and spend economic policies and corporate welfare that resulted in the S & L scandals at the end of the decade.

The Capricorn influence continued to build through the decade until it peaked in 1988 when Saturn joined Neptune in the sign on November 13th, to be closely followed by Uranus on December 12th. All three planets stayed in Capricorn until early February 1991. At that point the strain on the economy became too great and the cracks began to show, eventually bringing about Bush's defeat.

Capricorn, in its lower, less evolved form, tends to be egotistical, self-serving and materialistic in the extreme, benefitting itself and its own in the name of the common good. This era was marked by naked materialism and fiscal irresponsibility masquerading as common sense. When Jimmy Carter left office in 1980 the US national debt was slightly less than one trillion dollars. When George Bush left office in 1992 the US national debt was well in excess of four trillion dollars. The supposedly conservative administrations of Reagan and Bush had managed to more than quadruple the national debt in a 12 year span! According to US Labor Department figures, only the top 10% of the socioeconomic bracket were better off after the '80s, the top 1% doing best by far.

As is generally known to astrologers, Capricorn, and its ruling planet, Saturn, represent the established power structure and in this sense, are conservative. However, the Capricorn dominated era was far from conservative with respect to the ecology and the overall good of the world at large.

The Capricornian domination of the 1980s gave birth to a toxic political climate marked by the use of media manipulation, sound bites and scapegoating (no pun intended) as a means of deflecting the public's attention from the real problems that faced our society. All during the '80s, homelessness increased and the middle class did not prosper as promised, but actually took on a greater tax load. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

This was not stressed, however. Instead we saw the development of a negative, self-righteous and highly critical attitude towards both the poor and disenfranchised as well as those who tried to help them. Any constructive effort to alleviate the problems of the poor was met with cynicism and hostility. Both unscrupulous politicians and talk show hosts, including one in particular who is himself a Capricorn, used these tactics to manipulate and gain influence over the public.

The remnants of the Capricorn era still exist at the present time, with Jupiter transiting Capricorn throughout this year and Neptune still in late Capricorn until early 1998. When Uranus left Capricorn and entered the sign of Aquarius for a brief time from April through early June last year, we entered into a transitional period. In a sense, since 1984, we have not been in the Aquarian Age, but in the Capricorn Age, the one that preceeds it. We are now in the transitional period between the two signs. There will be two critical points in this transition. Jupiter will enter Aquarius on January 22nd 1997 and Neptune will follow, entering Aquarius on January 28th 1998.

Of particular importance is the JUPITER/URANUS CONJUNCTION ON FEBRUARY 16TH 1997. On this date Jupiter will conjunct Uranus at 5 degrees 54 minutes of Aquarius. This conjunction closely trines Mars retrograde in Libra at 5 degrees, sextiles Saturn at 5 degrees of Aries and Pluto at 5 degrees of Sagittarius. All of these aspects fall within a ONE DEGREE ORB! Because of the exactness of the planetary orbs involved this aspect is particularly powerful.

This tight planetary configuration is a time of major spiritual opportunity for humanity. If sufficient enlightenment of the mass consciousness can begin at that time, many future negative, physical karmic manifestations can be prevented. What occurs physically in human history is always the end result of human thought and emotion on the inner levels as expressed through the collective consciousness and instigated by those thinkers and leaders who influence that consciousness.

The political pendulum has swung as far at it can towards the conservative direction. When a pendulum reaches the end of its swing, there occurs a brief instant of pure potential energy when the pendulum is motionless, before it begins its swing in the other direction, accelerating and gathering kinetic energy as it does so. The Aquarian convergence in January/February 1997 marks that critical instant.

The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius is particularly significant because Uranus, as the natural ruler of Aquarius, is at its most powerful in its own sign. The Uranus ingress into Aquarius has already begun an awakening to the more advanced universal concepts inherent in that sign among the liberal intelligentsia throughout the world. When Jupiter enters Aquarius and conjuncts Uranus this process will be greatly expanded and accelerated.

Uranus is highly intellectual by nature and influences advanced thinkers on a mental level. However, mass consciousness at the present level of human evolution is more primarily dominated by emotional considerations, or, to put it more technically, is astrally polarized. Jupiter rules political, educational, religious and legal institutions which are more familiar to the mass consciousness. Jupiter's alignment with Uranus will help tremendously to bring new spiritual/intellectual concepts into a context which is more readily accessible to the average person.

We should note an important historical trend involving electronic communications technology which favors this process. Perhaps the only thing which has become better, smaller and less expensive in recent years is electronic communications technology. Tape recorders, camcorders, VCR's, photocopiers, fax machines, desk-top publishing and personal computers (specifically the internet and world wide web) are making possible a decentralization of communications media whereby the publishing of information, either in print or electronically, becomes economically accessible to the average person. The revolution in communications technology will inevitably bring about a revolution in planetary consciousness.

The four major networks and major newspaper chains are no longer the only available source of information to the common man. As this trend continues, the average individual will be increasingly exposed to alternative viewpoints which are not controlled by vested interests seeking to mold and control public opinion to their own advantage. As the general public becomes increasingly aware that they have been lied to, duped and manipulated, a backlash will develop and gain momentum against abuses of power which are astrologically symbolized by Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. Now, "the whole world IS watching."

We can see examples of this occurring already in the popularity of TV programs which rely heavily on footage shot by individuals with video recorders such as Sightings and Unsolved Mysteries and the more avant-garde TV programs such as The X Files as well as the independent films which have blown the lids off the cover-ups of the Kennedy assassination and the retrieval of alien bodies near Roswell, New Mexico. The latter has gone from an underground rumor to a publicly accepted fact due to TV shows such as Sightings and The X-Files.

There have already been attempts to focus and mobilize the growing spiritual consciousness on the planet such as The Harmonic Convergence and the "11-11." In the opinion of the authors a similar opportunity for the enlightenment of the mass consciousness on inner levels through coordinated meditation and ritual will occur during February 1997. This is indicated through a complex astrological configuration which has the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction as its centerpiece. In our opinion, this configuration has the potential to be far more effective as a vehicle for such activities because of the exactness of the planetary orbs involved.

While this is a technical point, it is an extraordinarily important one, because only with orbs of one degree or less do the higher "harmonics" of major aspects effectively come into play. A trine, for example, contains two sextiles, three nonigons and four semi-sextiles. All of these harmonics add their weight to the influence of the aspect if the orb is exact enough.

The Harmonic Convergence was more of a loose stellium occurring in Leo. Though it was part of a general grand trine in fire, the orbs were far too wide to give it this kind of power. We suggest that in the future, technically trained astrologers be consulted in the planning of such events.

We strongly urge that from late January through February 1997, collective mass meditations be organized with suitable networks for invoking world sharing, peace and unity. This should be done on Saturday, FEBRUARY 15 when the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is exact, while forming a grand trine in air with Mars at 6 degrees of Libra and the moon in early Gemini. This grand trine becomes exact at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time. Using a two degree orb, the moon is within the grand trine from approximately 6 PM to 2 AM EST. We would go so far as to suggest that this day be given a special significance as a day when spiritually minded people can collectively invoke cosmic energies on a planetary level for the upliftment of humanity.

Important trigger points of the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction include February 6th, when Venus reaches 5 degrees of Aquarius, the new moon in Aquarius at 7:15 AM Greenwich mean time on Friday, February 7th and Wednesday, February 12th when transiting Mercury hits 5 degrees of Aquarius, the degree at which Jupiter and Uranus conjunct three days later. Those dedicated meditators who wish to build up spiritual momentum are invited to do so on the 7th and 12th.

During the time of the new moon in Aquarius on February 7th, the zodiacal configuration as a whole forms a bowl (all planets within 180 degrees of one another) contained within an exact opposition of Mars at 5 degrees of Libra to Saturn at 5 degrees of Aries. Notice that both planets are in the sign of their fall but are also in mutual reception, while receiving beneficial aspects from other planets. (Venus and Uranus trine and Pluto sextiles Mars. Pluto trines and Venus and Uranus sextile Saturn.) This multi-planet configuration will have the effect of diffusing the more negative and destructive energies of both Mars and Saturn.

From the point of view of esoteric astrology the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction is highly significant for yet another reason. In the teaching of Alice Bailey, as transmitted to her by the Tibetan Master DK, Jupiter is given as the spiritual or esoteric ruler of Aquarius, while Uranus is given as the mundane or exoteric ruler of Aquarius. Jupiter represents the humanitarian aspect of Aquarius while Uranus rules the scientific qualities of the sign. With both co-rulers involved we have a powerful combination of 2nd ray Jupiterian energies combining with the practical, organized, 7th ray Uranian energies. Having the esoteric and exoteric rulers of Aquarius in the sign simultaneously greatly increases the spiritual potency of available cosmic energy for furthering the beginning of a truly Aquarian Age.

Interestingly, a similar Aquarian configuration occurs approximately a year later when, in late January 1998, Neptune joins Uranus in Aquarius and both Uranus and Neptune are out of Capricorn for good. While there is no specific equivalent astrological configuration occurring in January/February 1998, there is one week which has special astrological significance. For a period of six days, spanning from January 29th through February 3rd, Jupiter remains in Aquarius along with Uranus and Neptune.

On Wednesday, January 28th, the day before Neptune enters Aquarius, there is a new moon falling at 8 degrees 6 minutes Aquarius, conjunctioning Uranus at 8 degrees 39 minutes Aquarius at 6:01 AM Greenwich Mean Time. This new moon could act as a trigger for the Neptune ingress on January 29th. We would suggest that that day also be set aside for mass coordinated meditation in all corners of the world for the upliftment and spiritual enlightenment of humanity.

Among other things, Uranus in Aquarius could lead quite naturally to the development of so called "free energy technologies" which tap power from subtle energy fields which exist all around us and in space. Those who are in the know and have done the necessary research are aware that such discoveries have already been made and suppressed in several instances. However, as the information becomes more widely disseminated, such suppression will no longer be possible and those technologies will come into their own, making possible unlimited, clean, non-polluting energy.

Aquarius is also a sign associated with UFOs, as is its ruling planet, Uranus. Something of earthshaking significance that is hardly ever mentioned by astrologers is the influence, be it subtle or not so subtle, of extra-terrestrial civilizations on human development. There is now well-documented evidence of the ongoing presence of UFOs in our skies all over the planet.

A strong case can be made that extraterrestrial influences have been present throughout human history and are reflected in many ways by ancient cultures, though often depicted as angels, demons or "little people," and their vehicles depicted as flying chariots, shields, and baskets etc. However, in the 20th century, especially since the beginning of the nuclear age, this activity has become far more frequent and increasingly more overt. Many researchers are of the opinion that we are gradually being conditioned by extraterrestrials to accept the reality of their presence.

Interest in UFOs has greatly increased since Pluto entered Sagittarius in November 1995. In astrology, Sagittarius represents the influence of other cultures and religions AT A DISTANCE. With Pluto now in Sagittarius, this influence could assume its ultimate form in the recognized presence of intelligent lifeforms and cultures from other parts of the universe. As our civilization advances scientifically and technologically, we can now begin to recognize the presence of UFOs and ETs as not being something magical or mysterious, but as an advanced form of technology which we ourselves will eventually understand and master.

The UFO phenomenon is about to cross the threshold between the collective unconscious and the level of open collective conscious recognition. We predict that this will happen during the next six years with Pluto in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aquarius. The dates we have mentioned when multiple planets collect in Aquarius could be key times in this transformation.

Several such points of recognition have already occurred, most notably the unprecedented mass sighting of UFOs in Mexico City during the solar eclipse in July 1991. OVER 100 VIDEOTAPES OF THAT EVENT WERE SENT TO MEXICAN TV STATIONS. Similar mass sightings could occur over other major cities throughout the world in the next two years. Should such an event occur, the United States and other world governments could no longer be in "official denial" of the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Such an event would so profoundly impact mass consciousness as to change history forever.

With the Copernican revolution we learned that we are not the center of the universe. With the coming Aquarian consciousness revolution we will learn that we are far from being the most advanced species existing in the universe and we must take our place within the vast multitude of intelligent species. We will then have to face the fact that most of these species will probably be more advanced than ourselves.

Jupiter conjuncting Uranus in Aquarius sextiling Pluto in Sagittarius in early 1997 and Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter all in Aquarius in late January/early February 1998 all point directly to a profound historical shift, quite likely brought about by mass UFO sightings. This long awaited event could represent a drastic and sudden planet-wide expansion of our consciousness as a species.