Valentines Day

By Dianne Millius

Astrologers all over the world are excited about celestial current events; configurations of ebbs and flows of mass conjunctions that look more like a living organism than mere geometry. These events will last from December 1996 till March of 1997.

New and full Moons are always powerful because of the conjunctions and oppositions they embody. The new and full phases of the Moon are particularly potent during this period of time, as Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter dance with Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon, Ceres, Pallas and Vesta, and are heavily aspected by Mars, Pluto, Saturn and the nodes of the Moon..all really quite astounding. The consensus seems to be that we are birthing the consciousness of the Aquarian Age, as all the major players in this most amazing drama move into the sign of Aquarius (Aquarius ruled by Uranus, and Uranus being really the central figure in the geometry in the sky). So, to my mind, conjunctions to Uranus become quite important. On February 12, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus and Ceres are all conjunct at 5 degrees Aquarius. By the 14th, Ceres and Mercury have moved on, but Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter are all at five degrees of their respective signs, and the perfection of symmetry on that day signals a peak in these celestial events.

Valentine's Day, February 14 (5) is a day of fives. Five planets at five degrees. The Moon will be exactly at first quarter, or half way between new and full, like five itself, half way between 1 and 9. If we assign the opposition (point of expression) to the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter as the ascendant, it will be 5 degrees Leo (fifth sign) and including the asteroids, we get every 'grand' configuration there is. I have a hard time leaving Chiron, Ceres and their pals out of anything these days.

There didn't seem any alternative to looking at the significance of the number 5. Pythagoras is quoted as having said,"Five is eminently a spherical and circular number because in every multiplication it restores itself, and is found terminating the number; it is change of quality, because it changes what has three dimensions into the sameness of a sphere by moving circularly and producing light, and hence light is referred to the number 5. Five is ascribed to Pallas the immortal, because Pallas presides over the ether, or the 5th element, which is indestructible (Pallas in the sky is at 15 degrees Capricorn that day - 3x5). Five is Cardiatis or Cordelia because it is in the middle of the body of 9 digits."

The fifth letter in the Hebrew alphabet is He, in ancient Greek, Hota, meaning life, vitality, and the ability to breathe in a more rarefied air than known to most. In Hawaiian, Ha means the breath of God. In the Temple of Delphi the five vowels were hung on the walls, and deciphering their spiritual significance was the price of admission to the temple. Five was considered Delphi's sacred number.

Mercury is the fifth element in scientific tables - Messenger of the Gods, and last to pass over the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus. The metal mercury is a great miracle of nature for, though almost twice as dense as iron, 14 times heavier than water, and having one of the highest atomic weights, it is liquid, but it does not moisten what it touches. After scattering into countless perfect drops, it returns immediately and completely into itself. (regeneration of wholeness, and a return to self like the number 5). Mercury is only a dissolving factor to the other members of its own family, the metals whose molecules are ionically bonded: gold, silver, tin, lead, copper, zinc, cadmium, completely amalgamating them - changing their quality to something that previously did not exist.

Corinne Heline says, "Five represents the awakening of the 'I AM' within, the dawning realization of God in Man." I think from all this, we can look for a change of quality in the heart of Earth and Her inhabitants. Oh, Venus, her sweet self, is at 14 (5) degrees that day - Don't you love it? Makes me go all squishy - Happy Valentine's Day!

By Dianne Millius