Cycles & Symbols III

The Return of Soul to the Cosmos

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With the great Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune triple conjunction of 1997 - and with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter & Uranus together in Aquarius on the weekend of February 14, 1997 - join leading astrologers, philosophers, psychologists, and scientists for an extraordinary conference at an extraordinary time. Don't miss this unprecedented, landmark event. Over 600 people from around the world are already registered. Register now to assure your participation at this historic gathering. A complete schedule of the conference is included in a flyer. More detailed descriptions will be available for participants in the on-site program.

Presenters Include:

James Hillman
Stanislav Grof
Karen Hamaker
Robert Hand
Richard Tarnus
Charles Harvey
Suzi Harvey
Stephen Arroyo
Caroline Casey
Steven Forest
William Keepin
Demetra George
David Ulansey
Priscilla Costello
Laurence Hillman
Victor Mansfield

Cycles & Symbols III
Pre-Conference Events

Introduction to Western Archetypal Astrology

Thursday & Friday, February 13-14 - 10am-5pm

Steven Forrest

- - -

Venus in America

Friday, February 14 - 10am-5pm

Laurence Hillman and James Hillman

Cycles & Symbols III
Post Conference Workshops

Monday, February 17, 1997
3 Simultaneous All-Day Workshops - 10am-5pm

- - -

Caroline Casey

The Soul's Conquest of Realism
(A Training in Visionary Activism)

- - -

Karen Hamaker-Zondag

Ancient Symbolism in Tarot: Cosmic Images Active in Our Unconcious

- - -

Charles Harvey & Suzi Harvey

Sun and Moon: Mythology, Meaning, Matrix

Costs: The registration fee for the Conference is $245. The additional fee for any of the additional workshops with Caroline Casey, Karen Hamaker, or Charles & Suzi Harvey is $75 if you are registered for the full confererence ($115 if you aren't).

ISIS at P.O. Box 21222, El Sobrante, CA 94820
phone 510-222-9436 - fax 510-222-2202