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Updated - January 20, 1997

The most important thing to remember about the simultaneous meditation on January 23rd is that it does not matter where you physically are - you will be with millions of other people in a spirit of shared intention. However, if you are able to gather with a group on that day, and would like to extend an invitation to others to join with you, or even just to let others around the world know that you are joining them, please add your event to the list. Even a contact number and the intention to meet is enough to put up a listing - even if you don't know all the details yet.

These are largely email messages cut and pasted into these web pages.
Please Note: There is often a 24 hour lag between email and posting here.
Please format messages in this order: City, Country, Message, Contact info.

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Balen, Belgium
I will pray and meditate at 18:30 local time in front of St.Odrada's
Chapel in Balen, Belgium. People interested in joining me, please call
014-820.350. Bring a candle, and bundle up, it might freeze. Looking
forward to be joined with all hopeful people in the web of light we
create that day.
Johanna van Zwet
St. Odradastraat 6
2490 Balen, Belgium
phone/fax 00/32/14/820.350

Kessel-Lo, Belgium
Hello, I will be meditating from 18h30 till 18h35, local time. Later in the evening
we will go for a Full Moon's walk. If anyone would care to join, you are welcome.
Love, Hildegard
you can contact me:
Heidebergstraat 128, 3010 Kessel-Lo, Belgium

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
The global meditation in Cesky krumlov, Czech Republic will take place in house of Vladena Konvalinkova, 23rd Jan. For more information please call her at telefonne number
0042 337 61646. Asks for begin time. Be Well
Jan Cepelak and groupe Yoga in daily life.
From: Gymnasium Cesky Krumlov <>

Prague, Czech Republic
The International Association of Reiki will be holding the Gaia Meditation at the Hotel Svronost in Prague Czech Republic to link up with people around the world. Please come by 6:00pm so that the meditation can start on time. Reiki Master Mari Hall will lead the meditation in English and it will be translated into Czech, there will be singing and sharing afterwards. You are most welcome.
"Mari Hall" <>
Thank you so much for your comitment to our planet. I am most happy to be able to organize this so quickly. I think there should be about 500 people.
Love and Light

Prague, Czech Republic
We are preparing meditation for 20 people.
Jiri (George) Vondrak
Smeralova 14
Teplice, Czech Republic 415 02
email me:
With love George bye bye

Giza - Egypt
More Trip Info

Celebrating the Birth of the Gaiamind, fulfilling the destiny of the cosmic
blueprint at the ancient temples of Egypt. On January 23, we will awaken the
life force within ourselves to regenerate our energies, to connect with the
deep sacred and merge in community with those who seek to honor the birth of
a global mind in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

Loimaa, Finland
Please send us more information of Gaia Mind January 23 -97.
We have meditation group here in Loimaa Finland.
We are interested in Global Meditation.
My email is:
Best regards: Saila Mikkil

Berlin, Germany
GaiaMind Event in Berlin
On 23rd of January we will meet at 6pm at Georg-Von-Rauch-Haus,
Mariannenplatz (behind the Künstlerhaus Bethanien), Kreuzberg, Berlin 10999
for meditation together on Clear White Light.
There will be also a meditation at the stones and chrisall shop HELIODOR,
Boxhagener Str. 27, Friedrichshain, Berlin.
Let*s TRANSFORM! - rufti
Andreas Ruft Berlin, TRANSFORM-Crew
Ackerstr. 145, D-10115 Berlin
phone: +49-30-283 32 76

Cologne, Germany
A small group is going to gather for meditation in our house in Cologne.
Other groups in Cologne are not known to us.
Efrat & Ittai

Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany
Beatrice Zappe
Heilpraktikerin - Focusing Trainerin - REIKI-Meister/Lehrerin
Wuerttemberger Strasse 7
76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany
We are a group with 15 people, we will meditate at 18.30 Uhr on Thursday here in
Germany. Can we do something more? If you have informations, please send it by
letter to my address. Thank you so much for giving the possibility to share this
wonderful project with the global community.
Yours Beatrice
email: Zappe <>

Gengenbach (near Offenburg), Germany
There is a gathering "Meditation for the Earth"
Thursday 23.01.1997 time pm 8:00 (mez)
Institut Sternenlicht
Hans-Juergen Colombara und Doris Colombara
Hauptstrasse 21
D-77723 Gengenbach near Offenburg
Fon: +49-7803-7226
Fax: +49-7803-7766
To book for this gathering is not required.
Be well too. Yours Sabine

Hamburg, Germany
We, a group of at least 20-25 people, in Hamburg and nearby town of Lüneburg
will participate in global meditation and send light and prayer for the healing and transformation of
the Earth.
Reino Paul Gevers
Bleckeder Moor 20a
21354 Bleckede, Germany

Hamburg, Germany
The SANTO DAIME community of , is organizing a "six-pointed star work" for the 23 rd of january starting at 16.00 hours local time. The star-constellation reaches it´s maximum here at 18.35 hours when we will have a meditation period to link our minds together with all the other friends of the great goddess GAIA. The work will be directed by Madrinha Geraldine of the "Ceu da Santa Maria" of Amsterdam.
It is only natural that we as Daimistas regard this occasion as an extraordinary opportunity for a powerful ritual as the great six-pointed star that the planets are forming at the sky is an exact image of our SANTO DAIME symbol, which is the star of David with the eagle inside.
We wish all friends of the earth light and love and new beautiful insights for this day, and we want to thank the people who are organizing this event and who discovered and spread this information in the first place.
Contact address: Ceu da Santa Alegria
c/o Wolfgang Schellhorn
Amandastr. 41
20357 Hamburg, Germany
Tel/Fax: +49 - 40 - 435341
Lovenjoy Wolfgang Schellhorn
Horst-Guenter Lynsche <>

Hamburg, Germany
The first Global Village Meditation Festival of Hamburg
welcoming the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.
Time: 23rd January at 24:oo hrs
Location : Jungfernstieg
Bring lanterns, candles, drums.
Prepare for a moment of stillness followed by celebration.
Contacts : Dylan Vaughn 040/7027184
Michael Leuschner 040/447175
email: "Leuschner, Michael" <>

Hannover, Germany
Hello J&J,
I'm mailing from hannover. We're having a group of meditation in the line
of karma kagyue - tibetan buddhism. We join together every full-moon
for a meditation on the praxis of the diamond-way. We're beginning at 19.00
and taking also in mind the special star in the sky...
good time, light and love,
Matthias Brose <>

Kaiserslautern, Germany
Our Spiritual Group here in Germany will participate in the Gaia/Earth
Meditation on the 23rd of Jan 97. We are a group of Amercians living and
working for the US Government here, near Kaiserslautern, Germany (about an
hour south/west from Frankfurt). My email is Youngman@Magic.Bunt.Com
Love & Light
Dave Youngman

Amersfoort, Holland
> Please email us details and contact info for any local gatherings
> planned in your area so that we can add them to the Global
> Gatherings pages on the website.
Only personal in my home with my wife in Amersfoort, Holland.
People can contact me (Maarten Bijster) on telephone numbers:
+31 33 465 99 90 (business hours)
+31 33 480 32 34 (at home)
"Maarten N. Bijster" <>
Think about the time: I live GMT+1, EST+6 !!!!!!!
I tell a lot of people about it.
Best wishes!

Tel Aviv, Israel
Esti Hoter Geza Mehakol will hold a large group meditation and prayer on January 23rd. She expects several hundred people to participate as they honor the GaiaMind global event in conjunction with the Jewish Holy Day T'U B'Shvat, known as Nature's Birthday or the Birthday of the Trees. For more information contact: Esti Hoter Geza Mehakol, PO Box 2610, Tel Aviv 61025, Fax # 972-37320951.

Ganei Yehuda - Israel
Tree Planting Ceremony and Meditation
Opening of the Sheila Samson Centre of Enlightenment for Complementary Healing Therapies and Education towards Inner Peace and Harmony. This is the new headquarters of the MPH (Meditation for Peace and Harmony)- Creative Living Group.
Ganei Yehuda, Israel
e-mail contact:
(we will have a website soon)
tel/fax 972 - 9 - 865 3443

Firenze, Italy
Hi, We have a meditation/healing group here that meets every 2 weeks and we
will meet that evening at the appropriate time. Our group will be about 10 people.
The address is:
via Montebello 60r
Firenze, 50123 Italy
phone: 39-55-211359
This place is the message studio of Carolyn Baron.
My email address is Timothy Tattersall

Milano, Italy
We are a group of people working together for inner growth and
meditation. We are going to meet and share this special moment and after we'll have
a full-moon gathering for women only.
If you like to contact us e-mail at:
Our love and wishes!

Milan and Padua, Italy
We are glad to inform you that we will participate to your meditattion
on Thursday both in Milan and Padua. Thanking you for giving us the opportunity to be part of it, we send you our best regards and hope to hear from you soon.
OM - Associazione per la medicina e la psicologia umanistica
via De Amicis 51
20100 Milan, Italy
From: Renato Viero, Mediaset <>

Rome, Italy
After receiving an Italian copy of the invitation to this meditation on
Tuesday from a friend by fax I have informed many healing and meditation
groups in Italy, Germany, India, USA, Philippines, Sweden, Argentina and
Brazil and several Internet discussion groups. I can assure you that in
Berlin, Muenchen, Rome, Turino, Venezia, and at the Food and Agricultural
Organization of the United Nations in Rome many people will participate in
groups and individually.
For a great success and that our planet will be showered with white light
and love.
Rainer Krell
FAO, Rome, Italy
email: Rainer.Krell@FAO.ORG

Warsaw, Poland

We will have a group meditation in Warsaw.
About 15 people will meet on
January, 23 at the appriopriate time.
Our friends will also meditate in Pulawy.
If you are interested in participation please call:
for Warsaw: Dariusz Duerschlag, tel. (022) 610 12 66
for Pulawy: Bozena Wujec, tel. (081) 87 73 41
or email:

I also would like to recommend our new WEB site in Polish with textes,
channelings, guided meditations, translations and more. Its purpose is to
inform about energy changes on our planet and help polish speaking people
interested in spiritual growth and personality transformation .

Dariusz Duerschlag

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Mary Axtmann is planning a GaiaMind ceremony for January 23rd.
For more info: PO Box 360023, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-0023 (787) 781-4656

Puerto Rico
Hi, I live in Puerto Rico and here I meet a few people in this gaiamind global
meditation. we decided to join to. we will pray for peace in the world, love
and unity.
George (

Bern, Switzerland
Hello! There will be a meeting in Bern
(from University, for students, but other people may contact us)
at 6 p.m. (=18.00 Uhr) in AKI, Alpeneggstr.55, 3012 Bern.
Please contact Irmgard Oswald, telephone number 031/301 91 26;
email: <>.
Love and Light to you and to the Earth, Irmgard

Cape Town, South Africa
We are South Africans and will be gathering with a group of our friends
on top of Signal Hill, close to Table Mountain to share in this
experienc of global meditation and harmony.
Yours in peace
Reneé and Michael Barwood
404 Devonshire, Main Road
Greenpoint, Cape Town
South Africa 8001
Ren & Mike <>

Johannesburg, South Africa
I will be meeting with several other light workers at 9 Babington Terrace, Johannesburg.
We will all be participating.
"Kathy von Plato"

Telde, Gran Canaria, Spain (Canary Islands)
I would like to inform you that we will be holding the Gaia Meditation
in the sacred placed called "cuatro puertas" in Telde, Gran Canaria,
Spain. We will be there next Thursday the 23rd, around 5 o´clock p.m. to join
with all of you in meditation at 5:30 p.m.
For details about this meeting and another to be celebrated later in the
evening in Las Palmas city, send me an e-mail to Gloria Gil or contact me by telephone (928) 361410.
Thank you for given us the precious information hold on your web and the
chance to share with so many wonderful people this magical moment.
Love for all,
Gloria Gil

Jama, Stockholm, Sweden
We are a small group who will meet in Järna, Stockholm.
For those who want to know more about this can call Rossella
Larsson Phonenumber: +46 (0)8-551 717 86.
The Gaia Center in Stockholm is also arranging a meditation,
Phonenumber: +46 (0)8-32 42 02. I have heard about other groups
as well but have no information about them at this moment.
Best regards / Ola.

From: Sten Selander <>
Organization: 2bear production
We are some people here in Sweden that are going to participate, at
least 3 at my address, going to spread the word around.
Love and beauty, sten

Koh Phan Ghan, Thailand
Gathering in Thailand
A group of us will be on the southern island of Koh Phan Ghan, Thailand
somewhere near Haad Rin beach for the meditation at 12:30am Jan 24. I
will be posting flyers for the gathering in Bangkok also. See you all on
the astral plane.
From: Paul Seymour/CCC <>