GaiaMind Gatherings
Northern and Southern California

Updated - January 20, 1997

The most important thing to remember about the simultaneous meditation on January 23rd is that it does not matter where you physically are - you will be with millions of other people in a spirit of shared intention. However, if you are able to gather with a group on that day, and would like to extend an invitation to others to join with you, or even just to let others around the world know that you are joining them, please add your event to the list. Even a contact number and the intention to meet is enough to put up a listing - even if you don't know all the details yet.

These are largely email messages cut and pasted into these web pages.
Listings are divided into Northern CA & Southern CA, and then alphabetized.

Please Note: There is often a 24 hour lag between email and posting here.
So, check the "Raw Gatherings" page for new in process listings.
Please format messages in this order: City, State, Message, Contact info.

Northern California Events

Arcata, CA
Hi! We're going to have a group meditation on the morning of the 23rd
at The Wellness Center, 1068 I Street, Arcata, California 95521. We're
asking people to show up around 9:15 am PST. The contact people are
David and Nila Kaftal, (707) 839-3271, <> .

Atascadero, CA
There will be a group of about 10-15 in the area gathering.
e-mail: Aya
14905 El Camino
Atascadero, ca. 93422

Chico, Ca
Redwood Grove one mile Bidwell park
9:00 am 1-23-97
Greg Johnson
(916) 893-4577

Hayward, CA
I am planning to have a group meditation on January 23, 1997 during the
planetary alignment. I'm sorry I did not send my data in my previous
Luis Prada
665 Garin Avenue
Hayward, CA 94544, USA.
(408) 475-4273

Hayward, CA
I am planning to have a group meditation on January 23, 1997 during the planetary alignment.
Luis Prada
665 Garin Avenue
Hayward, CA 94544, USA.
(408) 475-4273

Livermore, CA
Oughten House Foundation
PO Box 3134
Livermore, CA 94551-3134
Dawne Fontaine <>
We are also interested in bay area groups so that we can inform people
who call in. Please contact Maya or fax 510-447-2376. Our publishing
house is interested in ascension based information -- especially sacred
geometry and group thought.

Marin County - Ross, CA
Global Peace Meditation - Age of Aquarius Event
7-11 PM, Thursday, January 23, 1997
Marin Art & Garden Center, 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Ross CA
Sponsored by the Marin Peace Project, An evening of celebration, prayer, meditation and ritual including drumming and healing circles, a medicine wheel, singing, dancing, Peace Pole Ceremony and much more
Free Parking, $10 Donation requested to help cover costs and raise funds for the Marin Peace Park
For more information contact: Jeff Reiss, Marin Peace Project (415)499-1113

Marin County, CA
GaiaMind Global Meditation and Prayer at Spirit House
A daya of Celebration, Ritual and Ceremony.
From 8:00 a.m. til 9:00 p.m. Contact: Deborah Watrous

Merced, CA - Central Valley
If anyone from my area, Merced - Central Valley is interested in joining
in meditation etc., e-mail me please.
Donna Clary

Mill Valley, CA
(Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area).
We are coordinating our monthly Full Moon Circle with the global meditation,
on Mt Tamalpais starting at 9:00am Jan 23.
The ceremony will include the creation of a stone circle, purification of
participants, invocation, guided meditation to bring in Light, silent
meditation during the 5 minute global connection, transmission from the
Masters (channeled through Antera), prayers for the earth, singing and drumming.
We will meet in Mill Valley at 8:15am to carpool up the mountain. Open to
anyone, bring blankets, cushions to sit on, percussion instruments. Donation.
Contact for more info: Antera & Omaran, A&O Syzygy (415) 388-2816

Mill Valley, CA
An informal silent meditation will be held at the Book Depot Plaza in downtown Mill Valley on Thursday, January 23rd (at the intersection of Throckmorton and Miller Ave.). People will begin to congregate sometime around 9 a.m. to join the simultaneous global meditation at 9:35 a.m. PST. There is no one to call for information. All you need to do is arrive and the gathering will evolve with the others who are present.

Mountain View, CA
East West Bookshop
324 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041
Meditation from 5-5:35pm January 23, 1997
There is a scheduled meditative yoga postures class following from 5:45-7pm.
Charge for yoga class is $10.00. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring mat or
large towel. Yoga class at East West location only following this special

Mt.Shasta, CA
Grandfather Wallace Black Elk @ Mt.Shasta W/ Hopi Prayers
Hello Friends,

We have been invited to participate in a Global Prayer day on January 23, 1997. Our Lakota Elders "Grandfather Walace Black Elk" with us in Mount Shasta and "Hopi Elders" in being the Grounding force at Hopiland. Invite You to Prayer. The Intention is Global Peace, Compassion, Understanding and LOVE! If you bring a group together where ever you are: Please send, us email at or so we will have you represented on our 3Hopi Prayers for Peace2 Altar as a generator point here in Mount Shasta. If you are able to join us in the Physical our event will be at :

3 The Gate House 2
1236 Vista Drive
Mount Shasta, Ca. 96967
916-926-5752 or 916-926-1053

"Grandfather Wallace Black Elk" will open the Ceremonies Inipi Purification Ceremony (sweatlodge) on Wed. Evening the 22rd Opening Prayers for Global Event Thusday 23rd. Gathering to begin at 8:30 A.M. Weekend Workshop information below:
Please bring two Gifts
1) a gift of the heart to exchange
2) a gift of the heart for the Mountain and Ancestor Spirits (tobacco or corn meal), your drums, rattles , something to write with for guided prayers and meditations. Warm clothes for the short ceremony in the Sun to activate our intention..... A small dish for (potluck) to share in the feast at High Noon......

For those who have to work at the appointed time send us you prayers and we will include them in a special 3Prayer Basket2... you will be with us. Our hearts beat as ONE for the Mother Earth. Maybe you can take a break at that time and be quiet with us for time.

The Guiding Spirits of the Holy Ancestors have revealed this to me 5 times. Although it is rare we do these things publicly. It has been shown this is a very important event and most imperative for us to be of one mind and One heart for Peace and Strength to carry the Peace in the New Year 1997... 3 Together with all Nations we Hold this World in Balance 2. Special intention to the 4 corners.

Meeting to begin at 8:35A.M. This is the time and we will align it accordingly to the West so we will start about 8:35 A. M. with special intention at 9:35 A.M. which should align with the Eastern Standard time....12:35 We will be in ceremony until 12:00 noon Pacific Standard time and Greet the Sun with our Sun Prayer as closure..... Feast to follow.

Palo Alto, CA
Ananda Church of Self-Realization
2171 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306
Meditation from 5-6pm January 23, 1997

Petaluma, CA
There will be a meditation gathering at Kriya Yoga and Healing Arts Center
in Petaluma California. Call 707-765-9941 for more information.

Pleasent Hill, CA
We are 20 women from the Reunion Center in Pleasent Hill Ca joining with you in meditation.

Redding, CA
Yea. The Celestine Center of healing in Redding CA will have a
GaiaMind ceremony on 23 Jan. Address is 2849 Bechelli Lane. See ya there.
Please post on web site, my server couldn't access your reg form
Love ya all, Planet Mc Hanic

San Francisco, CA
On January 23, 1997, the Evolution Collective is facilitating a free Bay Area gathering for the GaiaMind Global Meditation and Prayer. The event will be from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at St John the Divine Church on 15th Street (between Valencia and Guerero). Evolution Collective gatherings are a forum for relation, creation, and manifestation integrating ritual, movement, and rhythm. For more information, call 415.908.6717.

San Francisco, CA
GAIAMIND and Benefit for Headwaters Forest
Global Mediation and Prayer and House Dance Party, January 23, 1997 PM
DJ's include: IVO(Shriyantra), Neil(CCC), Theta Blip (psycho Disko) Graham(Edin), Abstract (Bass Kru), Flux (Bass Kru) Gabereal, Vajra
Live Acts: Galactic Dreamspell, Ambient Temple Of Imagination, Andiamo, Liquid Acrobat, Haunted By Waters
Visuals by: D-7, Peter Booth Lee
info - (415)789-7673, location and time will be announced on voice mail and website
$7 at the door; Proceeds will help support the Headwaters Forest

San Francisco, CA
"An Evening of Meditation for Change" at "The Mindful Body" 2876 California St. (between Divisadero & Broderick Streets) at 7:30 P.M. The event will be facilitated by Margo Adair & Diana Winstonand will also include a candlelight vigil. Margo Adair has been a political activist leading diversity trainings & guided meditation for over 20 years. She is also author of "Tools for Change." Diana Winston has been a practicing Buddhist since 1989 and leads the non-profit groupBuddhist Alliance Social Engagement (BASE). She has traveled and taught meditation in Asia and throughout the U.S. For more information call Trish at (415) 931-2639.

San Francisco, CA
Sailboat "Farallon" 1/23/97
On the Bay with Mother Nature, away from concrete and industrial noise. max. USCG capacity 16 passenger. Any sailors in the crowd who would like to be on San Francisco Bay on 1/23/97 surrounded by the sky, wind, water, sail and the away from man made distractions?
Capt. Gary Gruver
2200 Giant Road
San Pablo, Ca. 94806
(510) 237-9897
"Everyone knows there are twelve gates into Heavan." Alice Baily
All denominations welcome aboard the sanctuary of the sloop "Far all on".

San Francisco, CA
"Harmony of the Spheres": A group vocal toning mandala using the
frequencies of planets involved in creating the six-pointed star pattern on
1/23/97, 7 - 9pm, at California Institute of Integral Studies, 9 Peter
Yorke Way, San Francisco. Sponsored by CIIS Alumni Association,
facilitated by Karolyn van Putten, Ph.D. For more information, call
415-674-5500, ext. 206 , Dean of Alumni, Cathy Coleman, Ph.D.
(Also see East Bay-San Francisco event 12noon-1:30p.m., Jan 23rd.)

East Bay - San Francisco, CA
"Harmony of the Spheres": A group vocal toning mandala using the
frequencies of planets involved in creating the six-pointed star
astrological pattern on 1/23/97, 12-1:30p, place TBA in the East Bay.
Facilitated by Karolyn van Putten, Ph.D. Call 510-562-2433 for more
information. (Also see San Francisco event on Jan 23rd evening.)

San Jose, CA
There are 2 events scheduled at the Divine Science Community Center, 1540
Hicks Avenue, San Jose CA 95127. There is a morning meditation at 9:30 AM
and an evening meditation with a master set of 12 crystal bowls starting at
7:30 PM. Please call (408)293-3838 for further details, or email Al Olliffe

San Luis Obispo, Ca
I will be participating, if anyone in San Luis Obispo, Ca is interested
have them email me at

San Rafael, CA
Planning to have the children of San Pedro Elementary School in San
Rafael, California MAKE A WISH for Earth Healing at 9:30 am 1/23.
contact Lori Kaplanis @ (415) 454-9891

Santa Cruz, CA
We're joining the Global Meditation with a preparation and celebration the eve of Jan 22, at the Unity Temple, 7:30pm, 407 Broadway, Santa Cruz and somewhere at 9:35 in the am on Jan 23rd.
If you have a fax # I'll be happy to send you a flyer.
Phone-408-479-4429 Hina, or 462-6860 Raya
Thanks for your work, warmly, Hina

Santa Cruz, CA
January 22 Wed. evening at Unity Temple in Santa Cruz, CA, syndicated
esoteric astrologer Risa D'Angeles will speak about and provide
meditation on The Star of David (six pointed star) formation in the
sky on Jan. 23rd. Information will be from Alice Bailey teachings
concerning Soul infusion process which the six pointed star represents.

Sausalito, CA
The folks at MindSphere, a Sausalito new media development company born on Feb. 2, 1993 (the first conjunction of Neptune and Uranus) intend to celebrate the January 23rd alignment through a silicon crystal bowl ceremony/meditation in the morning and the San Francisco Headwaters benefit rave in the evening. MindSphere creates interface and content for interactive television, internet and virtual reality with the aim of facilitating the planetwide expansion of consciousness.
Brooks Cole, 4000 Bridgeway 405, Sausalito, CA 94965, USA
President, MindSphere
voice: 415.331.5855; fax: 415.331.5855

Three Rivers, Tulare County, California
GaiaMind Meditation--Open Circle
January 23,1997 9-10am
Three Rivers, Tulare County, California
Slick Rock Recreation Area, Lake Kaweah, Hwy 198
near entrance to Sequoia National Park
Bring chair or ground covering, white candle, pencil and paper, fruit or
food items made from the fruits of the earth for Agape sharing.
"I have prepared this program as a way to join this universal
prayer. This circle is open to everyone. All Holy scriptures are
placed on the circle's altar. I invite your heart, blended with the
heart of God, to participate in this global timing, expressing your
unique soul. Join us at the the Slick Rock recreation area, in
the shadow of Mt. Whitney and the Giant Forest, where the Kaweah River
gathers at the man-made lake before flowing to the growing fields of the
great Central Valley of California.
Cordially, Elsah Cort
PO Box 245, Three Rivers, CA 93271 209-561-4671
bbbirdz <>

Ukiah, CA - USA
At least 10 of us here in Willits and Ukiah will be joining the Meditation.
Kim Cottom
203 E. Gobbi St. Ukiah,CA 95482, USA
fax: (707)468-9846

Southern California Events

Laguna Beach, CA
The Self-Awareness Institute will hold a group meditation January 23rd for the GaiaMind Global Meditation and Prayer. For more information contact: Steven Sadleir, The Self-Awareness Institute, 219 Broadway, Suite 417, Laguna Beach CA 92651 (714) 491-3356

Los Angeles, CA

Presented by Kalan,
and the Community of Olvera Street;
and in co-operation with the City of Los Angeles
January 23 rd, 9 am - 5 pm
January 25 th, 10 am - 7 pm

At the Old Bandstand at the Historical Plaza of Olvera Street

What do you do for Peace in Los Angeles and the World? We are re-creating the romance and idealism of the Sixties in a music, dance, and all-around awareness event. Just the fun part of the Sixties - not the drugs and destruction, but a rally of love and support for those people and organizations working toward peace on Earth. The Peace-In will feature the words and music of special guests, including musicians and religious figures from all faiths. Activities include musical entertainment, the Peace Wall, the Children's Demonstration, displays from pro-Earth organizations, the L.A. Mounted Police, a little poetry and story-telling, and of course, the classic dancing and face-painting of the sixties. All singles and families are invited to be part of the festivities. Materials for children's projects will be provided.

Known personalities of the 60s through the 90s are invited to speak, sing, or otherwise lend talent on the subject of peace. If you can't make it this year, there will be another one in 1998; please call.

Kalan Brunink (213) 469-2134
The New House (818) 769-9199

Los Angeles, CA

The Merlin Project will perform a Traditional Celtic Ritual of Unity in celebration ...

Los Angeles - Griffith Park Observatory

We are several members of a group called Legions of Light, and are located in Los Angeles. Several of us in conjunction with members of various organizations that we attend will be joining all of us in meditation on the 23rd. We are meeting at the Griffith Park Observatory to create a sacred circle for this meditation. We would like to extend an invitation to all in the Los Angeles area to meet in this location for this occasion to observe GaiaMind's proposed 5 minute prayer from 9:30-9:35 am followed by a focused one minute visualization of White Light at 9:35. We will be forming the circle starting at 9 a.m. to begin anchoring this energy; knowing that this sychronistic alignment of the Heavens is the Clarion Call to Earth's children to herald in a new era of celebrating our Unity and Diversity -- as collective and priceless individuals. Join with the GaiaMind Project and Legions of Light/ The Lights of the Round Table in this simultaneous Global Meditation and Prayer. Blessed are we who practice these moments, so that we might have the right to the tree of Life, and may enter in through the gates into the city of Eternal Love.
Thank you so much! Love of the Highest to all God's Children,
Julie Solheim/ Sychronicity Enterprises 213-856-9961

Los Angeles, CA (Pacific Palisades)
My friends and I are planning to meet at the Self-Realization Lake
and join in the mediation from there.
Pamela DeMarco

Los Angeles, CA
The Aetherius Society will be holding special Power Circles in cooperation
with the planetary configuration on January 23rd. These Power Circles will
use Eastern Mantra and mystical visualizations in order to send Spiritual
Energy out to the world as a whole. These services will be held at our
Headquarters, Branches and Groups all over the world at 8:00 p.m. local
time. The public are invited to these Services, but please call to reserve
your space, as seating is limited.
We will also be releasing specially prepared Prayer Power Energy between
17:00 and 18:00 EST in cooperation with the Simultaneous Global Meditation
and Prayer at 17:30 to 17:35 EST.
For further information on Operation Prayer Power or The Aetherius Society
or e-mail us at:
For information on our Power Circles contact one of our center at:
Los Angeles - (213) 465-9652

Mojave Desert, CA
C.A. Tribe: We are a group of friends who are preparing to participate in GaiaMind in the Mojave Desert, and celebrate that evening with the Moontribe at a desert full moon party. We are travelling together to meditate as one in the quiet of the desert. Many powerful sessions of eneretics work has led up to this journey, and we are hoping to add our strength for the aid of the planet. Thank-you for the website information, we will all be reading it before we travel.
ASHE c/o 1091 Prospect Avenue
North Vancouver, BC
V7R 2M6 Canada

Palm Desert, CA
Full Moon, Gaia Day Circle and Celebration
A ceremony of purification, drumming, movement.
January 23, 1997 at 730 pm.
Where: Meet outside in nature in Dead Indian Canyon up Highway 74, Palm Desert, CA. Directions: From the intersection of Highway 111 and Monterey Avenue, drive South up Highway 74 exactly 3.8 miles. Park off to the right on the side of the road. It is a 3-5 minute walk around the hill on the left. Bring A Flashlight, something to sit on, warm clothing to accomodate for cold weather and ALSO BRING YOUR MUSICMAKERS!
Contact: Janette, Sacred Circles and Celebrations 619-341-6377 (Adil and Janette Gozum)

Santa Barbara, CA
A small group of us will be gathering on that day. The resonance will
be breathtaking. Thank you.Namaste'
Nevin Trampenau
5152 San Lorenzo
Santa Barbara, Ca 93111

San Diego, CA - ?
Have you heard about a GaiaMind gathering in Cardiff by the Sea
(down here)? I just now heard about it myself
Mark (Mark Hoffman)

San Fernando Valley, CA
The Imagine Center will be hosting a gathering on Januray 23rd.
18635 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91356
For more information contact:
Judy Levy and Michael Dawson
818-345-1100 or 818-347-5866

Santa Monica/ West Los Angeles, CA
A GaiaMind Meditation and Prayer gathering will be held on January 23rd at the the Agape Center for Truth, a transdenominational Church of Religious Science. The gathering will be held in Agape East, from 8:45 to 10:30 a.m. Agape Founder, Rev. Michael Beckwith will share an inspirational message for this special gathering. The morning's celebration will also include music, vision empowerment, ritual and a beautiful alter for participants to offer their blessings. Agape is located at 3211 Olympic Blvd, one block west of Centinela. For more information contact Crystal Sun Productions at (310) 288-6582 or Kirsten Baker at (310)399-8670.

Sherman Oaks, CA
9-11 AM Thurs, Jan. 23, 1997
The Heaven on Earth Foundation of Sherman Oaks invites you to come to our home for a meditation and celebration. Please bring ceremonial instruments, spiritual talismans and power objects to create an altar for empowerment and enlightenment. Bring musical instruments, potluck picnic brunch , pillows, blankets or lawnchairs and lots of lightness and love.
Address: 13907 Chandler Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA
Phones: 818- 2-HEAVEN (818-243-2836)
Your Hosts: Ed Elkin and Patti Collette
101 (Ventura Fwy) to Woodman Ave. Exit (2 exits E. of 405);
Go N. on Woodman to Chandler, turn left and go to Ranchito Sign.
Park outside the gate and walk in.
Take 405 to Burbank Exit, heading East.
Burbank to Woodman, turn right to Chandler,
Turn right to Ranchito (13907 Chandler Blvd.)
Park outside gate and walk in.
RSVP to <>
The Heaven on Earth Foundation of Sherman Oaks is a newly developed center of light and love, with outdoor and indoor spaces available for events and ceremonies.

Thousand Oaks, CA
A group of about 25 people that I do Native American Ceremony with will
participate in the global meditation and do a Medicine Wheel Ceremony that night.
Deborah Kern
1016 Whitecliff Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
805-497-6689 fax
I am CEO of an environmental technology company - converting waste straw from
crops and recycled plastic into wood replacement products, composite
lumber. Thank you for your work.

Venice, CA
I am a yoga teacher and will be teaching a class of about 20 people
at precisely that time. We will all participate in the meditation. Thanks
Lisa Walford
Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth.-- Ludwig B=F6rne

Northern or Southern California?

Carlton, CA
Hi, Have already told you that I personally intend to participate in the
January 23, meditation and prayer, and want to tell you that I have
also sent press releases to 17 local newspapers, radio & TV stations.

We will be holding a meditation at the
Eaglewind Center International
203 Colenade Road South, Ste.206
Carlton CA at 7:30 p.m.

Good luck with this project, hope everyone in the world joins us in
this global time of peace. In love & light,
Allison J Craig (email: