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Updated - January 20, 1997

The most important thing to remember about the simultaneous meditation on January 23rd is that it does not matter where you physically are - you will be with millions of other people in a spirit of shared intention. However, if you are able to gather with a group on that day, and would like to extend an invitation to others to join with you, or even just to let others around the world know that you are joining them, please add your event to the list. Even a contact number and the intention to meet is enough to put up a listing - even if you don't know all the details yet.

These are largely email messages cut and pasted into these web pages.
Please Note: There is often a 24 hour lag between email and posting here.
So, check the "Raw Gatherings" page for new in process listings.
Please format messages in this order: City, State, Message, Contact info.

California Gatherings Page

Eastern United States Page

Huntsville, Alabama
plan to meditate in group formation in Huntsville, Al. Jan. 23, 1997.
David and Sylvia Lotterhos
P O Box 722
Athens, Al. 35612

Huntsville, Alabama
January 23rd Meditation in Huntsville, Alabama
The Light of Christ Metaphysical Christian Center for Applied Knowledge will
be participating in World Meditation Day with a group meditation led by
Spiritual Director Peggy Shanahan. This event will be held at the the Light
Of Christ Center in Huntsville, Alabama at 7 PM. For further information

Chinle, AZ
I received your GaiaMind flier. Thank you for informing me of this very
powerful and significant time. I would love to discuss this with anyone who is
interested. I live on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, a very rural location,
and have few friends to connect with on this level. Thanks.
Luanne Somers
RRDS Box #1497
Chinle, AZ 86503

Patagonia, AZ
About 12 people will be meditating here...
Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
771 Harshaw Road
Patagonia AZ
Woody Wodraska <>

Sedona, AZ
Gaia's event - We're here in sedona, AZ and our wise woman lodge has
offered to hold the light for 6 days at various sites here, then gather
again on 1/23. do some chanting and grounding and whatever else happens.
blessings........................ay (Aya Tarlow)

Sedona, AZ
Cornville, AZ (just outside of Sedona) Sandy Ezrine and William Brown
We plan to have a gathering at our home. We will be outside by our sacred
fire pit if the weather allows. Those interested in coming can email:
"Cornville, Arizona...where everyone drives a truck, the kids ride ponies,
and the ducks cross the road ----wherever they want to!!!"

Sedona, AZ
This is so wonderful! Such exciting times we can share! I intend to
participate in the Sedona, Az group and encourage my clients and friends to do the same.
Delphia Fox
Starborne Astrology
2370 W Hwy. 89A Su. 11-162
Sedona, AZ 86336
Delphia Fox <>

North Scottsdale, Arizona
Location at the Labyrinth
31207 N. 68th Street, North Scottsdale, Arizona USA
602 488-5722 or 602 595-9883
or my email
For directions and more information.
Paula Muran

West Sedona, Arizona
Dr. Chet Snow, author of "Mass Dreams of the Future," will help facilitate
a group meditation open to the public at the "Hub of the New Age Community,"
meeting at 10:10 AM on January 23rd. The Hub is located at
1575 W. Hwy 89A (corner of Oak Creek Blvd) in West Sedona, Arizona.
The group meditation will be from 10:20 - 10:35 AM and will focus on setting
our common intention for the Earth & Humanity's future as we enter the
Aquarian Age. Everyone is welcome. For information about how to find the
Hub, please call (520) 282-3856.
"Dr. Chet B. Snow" <>

Denver, CO
I would like to welcome anyone to join me in the meditation. I relocated to
Denver from Los Angeles and have not made connections here in Denver. I plan
to walk over to the Cherry Creek Reservoir, activate my Ka energy and do my
usual earth ceremony. If you are in the Denver area, I would love to hear
from you whether you join me or not.
Sandra, email:

Durango, CO
Anyone in DURANGO COLORADO USA who is interested in participating in a
meditation at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, January 23, please leave a message at
970-247-2139. From: Jo Alexander <>

Colorado Springs, CO
I am program director of All Souls Unitarian Church in Colorado Springs. We would very much like to take part in the January 23rd Simultaneous Global Meditation and prayer.
Efton Jiles <>

Boulder, CO
Zia Parker is "weaving" a ritual dance for and with her community on Friday January 24th (6-10:30pm). Held the day after, this event promise to hold the energy and intention of the January 23rd Full Moon and GaiaMind Meditation and Prayer. Entitled "The Mirror of Loi Drakung", this ritual is inspired by Zia's moving experience at a Thai Buddhist festival. For more information contact: Zia Parker (303) 440-0973.

Denver, CO
Are you aware of any groups in Denver that are getting together for the
global meditation and prayer. Also, I want to make sure that you're talking
about 12:35 daytime (afternoon) rather than nighttime (after midnight).
Thanks for organizing this. I look forward to it.
Nancy Moore

Pagosa Springs, CO
Zellah Hoffman will hold a group meditation on January 23rd. For more information contact: PO Box 3092, Pagosa Springs CO 81147 (970) 731-9731

Pueblo, CO
We at Heart-Light in Pueblo, Co will be gathering to participate in this
most Divine Global Unification at 10:30 AM MST. We will conduct ceremonies
all day long to honor this event, with a full moon celebration.
We are extending an invitation to all who wish to join us.
Thanks. (Our phone # is: 719-542-3310) (heart-light)

Pueblo, CO
Hello. My name is Temara, and I have a "metaphysical" shop here in Pueblo,
Co. The Star of David Alignment was brought to my attention, and we here
in Pueblo, are planning to join in on the collective intention of praying
for the healing of the Earth. I find this all extremely exciting,
and know that it is momentous and means more than we can fathom.
Temara Speaks (heart-light)

Hilo, Hawai'i
The Light Worker Center invites you to participate in a special ceremony
and celebration to ground the energies flowing into our beloved planet on
this special day. To celebrate this day, we will gather at Moku O'la
(Coconut Island) in Hilo at 6:30 a.m. to prepare for the alignment that
occurs at 7:35 a.m. Hawaiian time. Moku O'la is a traditional Hawaiian
refuge and healing site. Our special guest will be Roberleigh Claigh from
Kauai, who will offer a class in Bikram and Saddhu Yoga. Rev. David Ball
will facilitate the grounding ceremony. We are also asking drummers and
other musicians to bring their instruments and join in the celebration.
Light Worker Center
277 Keawe Street
Hilo, Hawai'i 96720
(808) 934-9609 (FAX/Telephone)

Maui, Hawaii
The Dancing Dolphin Institute, a nonprofit tax exempt organization, located
in Maui, Hawaii will hold an event to honor this momentous event. Our email
address is: or to Ashleea Nielsen of Angelic Ceremonies at

Maui, HI

Aloha Jim! I received your group will be onboard a sailing
yacht in the Maui waters so that we can be meditating at 7:23 am....I
understand from my friend that this is the moment of the exact timing for
Gaiamind. Is this correct information that I have? Also, I received an
email that said that Maui is lined up somehow with the third eye? Please
let me know! Love, Ashleea
"Ashleea Nielsen" <>

Waimanalo - Oahu, Hawaii
"Powers That Be" has organized a gathering in Waimanalo, Hawaii.
This is located on the Windward side of the Island of Oahu.
It will be at 7:30 a.m -outside & plenty of room...Komo Mai
Contact Springs Romano at 808\593-3393 or

Boise, Idaho
The six-point star configuration will be complete over Boise, Idaho
between 1:10 and 1:15pm MST on January 23rd. We are planning a
meditation (open to the public) at Crone's Cupboard, 6004 Overland
Road,Boise, ID (208) 377-9570. The meditation will take place in the
chapel. We are asking folks to be there by 1:00pm so we will be ready
to meditate right at 1:10. Please include this info in your listings so
people in this area have an information resource and can find
like-minded others to share the event with! Thanks!!
jeanine parker <>

Cambridge, Idaho
We have a group of 7 here in Cambridge who will join me for this meditation.
Also I will share this info with a group from
Ontario, Oregon, Fruitland and Boise, Idaho.
Barbie Kemp
P O Box 111
Cambridge, Idaho 83610

Moscow, Idaho
We will gather at 9:00 am to begin our GaiaMind celebration which will
include meditation, personal sharing, circle song and dance honoring the
light returning and our part in anchoring here.
Linda Kingsbury
Temple of Light
106 East Third
Moscow, Idaho 83843

Nampa, ID
My family will be part of a gathering on January 23, at the Body, Mind and
Soul Psychic Center in Nampa, Idaho.
Lauren, Harrie, Adria & Dain Woudstra
9216 Happy Valley Rd.
Nampa, Idaho
From: "Adria" <>

Pocatello, ID
The Pocatello Pagan Spirit Alliance, The Five Elements, The Temple of the
Goddess Rising and The Elemental Coven will gather together to join in the
Global meditation on Jan 23rd at 10:00 a.m. at The Five Elements, 1261 N.
Main, Pocatello, ID 83204 (208) 233-1234. e-mail
The door will be locked and meditation will begin at 10:30 a.m. So please
don't be late. Please contact us and let us know how many will be
attending. Nothing would please us more then to have to find a larger site
because of such a large group of likeminded people.
Let us join together to thank the Mother and bring peace to all the world.
Blessed Be!
Rev. Nanette Meyer, HPS
(Lady Arrianon)

Indianapolis IN

We meet for daily meditation at the Hermitage 3650 east 46th Street, Indianapolis, IN
Contact can be made with Mike or Leanne Emery at Family Life Development Inc.
at 317-475-9542. We begin at 12:30 eastern.
Thanks, Mike

Lafayette, IN
Association of Wholistic Therapies, Inc.
511 Wall Street, Lafayette, IN 47901
Contact: Jessica Schenfelt (317) 497-4115

Princeton, IN
Will help organize a group event in Southern Indiana (USA)
Darlene Sartore
phone: 812-779-3616
fax: 812-779-3617
postal address: P.O. Box 388 ~ Princeton, IN 47670

Des Moines, Iowa
I would like to organize a group meditation on this date for anyone in and
around Des Moines, Iowa; although all people who wish to participate are more
than welcome. My name is Craig Steele and my E-mail address is (don't laugh): Please contact me at this address if you are interested
in this possibility.

Des Moines, IA
GiaMind Healing, Prayer and Meditation Gathering
A group is planning to meet to share in the event starting at 7 PM Central Time
in Des Moines, Iowa
for further information please email me at one of the two email addresses listed below.
Manuel Acevedo or

Lawrence, KS
Sorry I don't have more info, but perhaps this is already listed.
An altar has been set up in the store Hummingbird Song (East 9th St.) in Lawrence, KS 66044
and a group meditation will take place there at 11:30 CST on Jan 23rd.
People are welcome to bring an item to be placed on the altar.

Lafayette, LA
Lafayette Study Group #2 of Edgar Cayce Search for God will hold special
meditation at 11:30am CST. From: Carole Lancon,

Detroit, MI
The Aetherius Society will be holding special Power Circles in cooperation
with the planetary configuration on January 23rd. These Power Circles will
use Eastern Mantra and mystical visualizations in order to send Spiritual
Energy out to the world as a whole. These services will be held at our
Headquarters, Branches and Groups all over the world at 8:00 p.m. local
time. The public are invited to these Services, but please call to reserve
your space, as seating is limited.
We will also be releasing specially prepared Prayer Power Energy between
17:00 and 18:00 EST in cooperation with the Simultaneous Global Meditation
and Prayer at 17:30 to 17:35 EST.
For further information on Operation Prayer Power or The Aetherius Society
or e-mail us at:
For information on our Power Circles contact one of our center at:
Detroit - (810) 552-9153

Detroit, MI - Northwest Suburbs
Gathering of Light
Join with Others for Prayers, Mindfulness, Gratitude
My House -- Call for Directions.
Peggy: 810.661.4633; email: AHMDET@CONCENTRIC.NET

Grand Haven, MI
Marsha Irwin would like you to know that also from Gathering Place a group will
be together on January 23 at 220 Franklin St. Suite 4 Grand Haven, MI 49417.
I would like to register Marsha Irwin 1093 W. Southern, Muskegon, MI 49441
(616) 725-8103 home phone - (616) 798-4942 fax
Please e-mail me back if you have any questions.
Robbi Juergens <>

Grand Rapids, Michigan
BIMUP, the Bureau of Investigators of Mysteries & Unusual Phenomena, will
announce the Global Mediatation and Prayer event in our newsletter, The Outer
Connection, and a program planned for Grand Rapids, Michigan on Jan. 16. For
more information on the group's participation on the 23rd those interested
should contact Virginia Tilly @ (616)458-7288 or Sue Clous @ (616)538-5036.

Kalamazoo, MI
we are planning an evening of prayer and awareness of calling.
"The times, they are a-changin'" !!!!
World Tree Peace Center
246 N. Kalamazoo Mall
Kalamazoo MI 49007
david hall

Mt. Pleasant, MI
We are all eclectic neopagans with our own unique paths. We plan to
celebrate the occasion as suggested and then continue into the night.
Most likely drumming and wordless chanting will be used to alter our
conscienceness so that we may become "in tune" with our Uni-Verse.
Recognition and reverence for the full moon mother will also be part of
our celebration.
110 1/2 S. Main Apt B
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
Blessed Be
Jim Esralian <>

Traverse City, MI
Maybe 10 or 12 of us getting together for meditation.
Jane Mac-Leay
10152 E San Remo Blvd
Traverse City Mi. 49684

Coleraine, MN
A local meditation and prayer gathering is being planned by Abbrah Lee.
The day will include special ceremonies, rituals, presentations and discussions.
For more information contact: Abbrah Lee (218)245-3933.

Saint Paul, MN
We are a mediation group with Seven members in Minnesota.
I will give this information to all seven memebers and forward it to others in Africa and England.
I am just finishing up stuffing envelopes to mail your anouncement to some 50 people. They are mostly esoteric students of Alice Bailey and Rudolf Steiner. Thank you for your World Service. Namaskara.
Charles E. Smith
98 North Saint Albans Street
Saint Paul, MN 55104

Kansas City, MO
I plan on linking up with the Global Meditation on Jan. 23,1997.
I have a Classical Seven Circuit labyrinth on my property that was
created in the center of 6 acres of Native Prarie grasses. Recently 6 of
us were drawn to make a journey to Hopiland where we used the formation
of the 6 pointed star in doing ceremony and setting up energy alignments
in Canyon de Chille, Chaco Canyon and at Dan Evehemas on the third mesa
in Hopiland. All of these spots seemed to be connected to the energies
of the Prairie labyrinth that is located outside of Kansas City, Mo.
I was amazed to hear of this planetary alignment on the 23rd and will
join your global efforts from the center of the labyrinth. Thank you for
the opportunity to link up!
Toby Evans
(Bruce Evans <>)
Prarie Labyrinth homepage:

St. Louis, MO - Area
Seeking to Gather with Others
Dear Juliana and Jim:
I would appreciate it , if you would list my request.
Either the St.Louis, MO area or Cape Girardeau, and maybe even the lead belt area,
which is Farmington and Park Hills. Thank You very much. Namaste'
Gary and Lynn James, email:

Big Timber, Montana
Small gathering of friends in Big Timber, Montana.
Contact: Kathy (406) 932-4873

Bozeman, MT
Thursday Jan 23, 1997, 9:30-11:00am at the Emerson Cultural Center,
Bozeman, MT. Dances of Universal Peace lead by the local Dance team
with a focus on global/GOD consciousness including planetary walks and
spins in the alignment of the planets. Contact: Ginger Nuria Lee at
Peace Dance
1309 So. 3rd Ave
Bozeman, MT 59715
email -

Lower Clark Fork/Pend Oreille, MT - Northwest Montana
Dear Gaiamind folks. Heard of you on the Gaia Internat'l list, visited
your web site. We are having a gathering of like minded folks to meditate at the appointed
time here in NW Montana. In addition, I have sent the information via
e-mail to many people. Our organization may be of interest to you.

A brief synopsis: The Gaia Foundation
Mission Statement: To sponsor and organize projects which lead individuals
and communities in the Lower Clark Fork/Pend Oreille region toward sustainable living.
Goals/Objectives: To initiate a variety of educational and organizational projects which
address key areas of human endeavor related to living on the earth from a Gaian
(viewing the earth as a living organism) perspective:
Thanks for what you are doing. Namaste.
Jill Davies, The Gaia Foundation
Adopt-A-Stream Project
"You can do whatever you don't know you can't do."

North Lake Tahoe, NV
Nothern Lights....Gifts for mind, body and spirit
930 Tahoe Blvd, Ste 103
Incline Village
North Lake Tahoe, Nv 89452

Las Cruces, NM
My name is Connie Mann, 5332 Derringer Road, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88011
(505) 522-2882 FAX (505) 522-1057. We have a weekly group that will be
meeting on that evening, and we also plan to do the meditation at 10:30
that morning to coordinate with you timing. Thank you.
submitted by email: Scott Mann <>

Las Vegas, New Mexico

A group of people will gather to pray and meditate on Jan. 23rd in a private
home in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Contact:(505)425-8552 Ishwari Sollohub

Santa Fe, NM
Please put me on your Website as the Santa Fe, NM coordinator.
Please add that I will be teaching the "Unity Breath" during the
meditation at 10:00 a.m Jan. 23.
Marguerite McClure
a.k.a. "Turtle Sister"
Santa Fe, New Mexico
(emailed by:

Santa Fe, NM
Several in our church, The Church of Antioch, an independent Catholic
church with a metaphysical bent, will also be participating. We
thank you for the information and the work. I'm in seminary and
study Chardin. We send love. And prayers for your work.

Silver City, New Mexico
Rainbow Meditation in Silver City New Mexico
We will be a gathering and meditating on January 23 at 106 N. Bullard
starting at 10:00 A.M. Please come and join us.

Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico
The Earth Star Lodge (a 120 year old adobe house being restored to
become a spiritual center),located in the small northern New Mexico
village of Tierra Amarilla, will be the gathering place for a group of
people to participate in the GaiaMind Meditation and prayer. Although
the restoration is far from complete, this is the second global
gathering to be here since we started on the restoration last year.
Marie & Dan 505 852-4455

Ashland, Oregon
Ashland, Oregon, among many planned meditations, we will enlist a
group to participate in a moving meditation of sacred dance.

Our intention will be to utilize Sacred Circle Dance to gather the
energies, raise The Temple, evoke the gods, and hold the space with
compasion, and understanding, to allow LOVE [the noun] to enter.
with the breath of life,
541-482-3300 / fax: 541-482-5325
P.O. Box 3472, Ashland, OR 97520

Carlton, Oregon
Dear GaiaMind Project,
Received your flyer through wonderful hands-- inspired us to access your home-page.
We then discovered national and international meditation groups meeting on January Full Moon. Were delighted! We've decided to sponsor a group for our area.. We'll be meeting January 23,1997, 9am to 11am-- at 131 South Pine Street, Carlton, Oregon, 97111.
The meeting will be held in our art gallery- main floor. See you there, Oregonians!
Please post this information on your web-page global gatherings list!
Yours in the Goddess,
Silverstar and Mark S. Freeman
(503) 852-6644.
e-mail .

Manzanita, Oregon
A group of about 15 folks on the Oregon Coast will be meeting on January
20th to inquire into the impact of this configuration on their natal
charts -- their lives. This group with about 10 more people will
celebrate GAIAMIND on January 23rd, 1997.
Our spirits join with all and we align with the universal intention to
join together in an expression of unified global consciousness...we are
with you in heralding the dawn of the Age of Aquarius.
Claudia Johnson
PO Box 761
Manzanita, Oregon 97130 USA
phone/fax 503-368-5006

Portland, OR - Northeast
In Northeast Portland, OR, we will be meditating with friends and neighbors
from 9:00AM to 10:00AM on Thursday, January 23rd.
-Rich Gorringe and Lynn-Marie Jackson (email:

Willamette Valley, Oregon
We plan to participate in The GaiaMind Project in our old growth fir forest in the Willamette Valley.
Gail and Tremaine Arkley
9775 Hultman Road
Independence, OR 97351
PHONE: (503) 838-4886
FAX: (503) 838-1948

Rapid City, S.D.
We are sponsorng an event for the happening on January 22, @ 7 pm MST.
The location is 817 St.Francis St., Rapid City, S.D. Please RSVP to LeRoy
or Diana by calling (605) 348-9530. Astrological overview by Kim Marie
Kiepke, meditation, and follow-thru meditation on January 23, @10:35 MST

Knoxville, TN
A group of us are having a full moon mediation meeting.
The format is based upon the Alice Bailey teachings.
Dagmar von Toal
620-A Rain Forest Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37923
Tel (423) 694-4398
Fax (423) 470-4977
e mail

Lebanon, TN
Visions of the Soul extends invitation to gather at Lebanon, Tenn. city
square at 11:15 CST (till ?) for group celebration and joining the
global meditation. All are invited to reconvene at Visions of the Soul
at 7:30pm for festivities including group visualizations to usher in the
Age of Aquarius. Bring love and celebration energy.
Contact: Diana O'Hara, Visions of the Soul,
615-449-3378 for more info and directions.
(emailed from: Michael Sims <>)

Houston, Texas
A group will be gathering at The Yellow Brick Road Healing & Learning Center
on the evening of January 23rd at 7:30 PM to for meditation, prayer and
celebration of the new dawn.
Dorothea Cangelos
The Yellow Brick Road
1902 Driscoll @ Vermont
Houston, Texas 77019

Houston, Texas
(emailed from:

Round Rock, TX

I am planning a small gathering at Round Rock high school, possibly around
the flagpole??? I am not sure if the administration will go for it, but if
you are interested e-mail me at

San Antonio, TX
Awareness Center in San Antonio, Texas, 8800 Broadway, Suite 8810,
210-829-5775 will be doing a GLOBAL MEDITATION for the STAR OF DAVID
formation on the 23rd of January from 11:30-11:35 AM in the central
meeting room at AWARENESS CENTER. We welcome all to attend for this
infusion of energy from the COSMIC FORCES.

Tyler, TX
I will be happy to gather with others for the Global
Meditation, beginning at 11:00 a.m. on Jan 23rd to greet
one another and share a bit of ourselves
before joining the worldwide focus 11:30-11:35 a.m.
Drumming, music, chant, prayer, silence, whatever.....
Gathering place yet to be decided.
Contact Rev. C. Lynne White
email --

American Fork, Utah
We will be gathering on sacred land, where we have a sweat lodge and do
that and other healing work, so as to be ready to do ceremony and prayer
at 10:30 a.m. MST. The site is near American Fork, Utah, convenient to
I-15 and easy to find. Ceremonies will include the sacred pipe and fire.
Anyone who wants to join with us is welcome. Call 801-561-9084 or
561-9008 for directions to the site. FAX 801-561-9087. Organizers:
Cam Mosher and Lynds Pickett. e-mail

Salt Lake City, Utah
This is written to inform you of our intention to participate in the
Gaia Mind Meditation in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 23, 1997 at 17:35
GMT. We recently drew over 1,000 people to Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake
City, at 12:00 GMT on December 31st for what we bill as The Eleventh
Annual World Peace Celebration; which began in 1986 in response to John
Randolph Price's call for a Global Healing Meditation.

Our numbers have ranged from ~2,000 the first year to 200 a year ago and
back up to 1,000-1,100 this recent holiday season. We are promoting a
daily meditation for One Minute every day at Noon, local time.

We just heard of your event and are working to find a hall and do some
last minute promotion to see what local participation we can stimulate.
Thanks for the idea and let us know the feedback you receive,

John Jenkins / World Peace Celebration Council--Salt Lake / 6779 West
3860 South / West Valley City, Utah 84128 / Day--(801)484-9891 ext. 213
and Eves. (801) 250-1991

Sandy, UT
We plan to participate, probably with a group. We are calling the group
organizer to get details to list on the EVENTS area of your website.
We are both pipe carriers and I conduct sweat lodge ceremonies with the
recognition of the Seminole Tribe.
I, at least, plan to honor the Global Meditation and Prayer with a pipe
ceremony at 10:35 a.m. on January 23. Thank you for creating this
website and spreading the awareness.
Cam Mosher <>
Cam Mosher and Lynds Pickett
Sandy, UT

Blacksburg, VA
A group will meet beginning at 12:15 pm on January 23rd at the Blacksburg Community for Spiritual Living (105 Lee St, Blacksburg) for a meditation. We will also meet at 7pm that same evening for another meditation. For information call 951-2398.

Thetford, VT
There will be a group meeting at Lightgate Center, in Thetford, VT
January 23, 1997 for prayer and meditation. Contact may be made to Tipi Halsey
802-785-4226 and all are welcome.

Bellingham, WA
GaiaMind Global Meditation followed by a simple dance to the earth, the
Tslagi (Cherokee) Dance of Life. Meet at 9am at Marine Park.
Contact: Lynette Allen, email

Everett, WA
I will be holding a Jan 23rd meditation event with approx 10-15 women.
These women range in age from 3 yrs to 60+. Many of us work together
and all live in this area...and plan to represent all four elements..
Water.. by having the ceremony on the beach of Puget Sound
Air... with the air we breath
Earth.. with the land we stand upon.. and
Fire.. by candles we bring...

We will start with each woman sharing a poem, saying or such, related to
the Gaia. At 9:30 AM PST we will meditate for 5 minutes...
We will end our ceremony by sharing natural foods and drinks as we sit
around a table.. and sing appropriate songs.
I will be bringing daffodils, as they are my favorite flower and they,
along with tulips are grown in plentiful supply in our area.
We have spread the news of Jan 23rd to many.. and know of a few other
ceremonies that will be taking place...and are very excited to be
meditating at the same time as so many others at the same time.
Thank you for keeping up to date... Goldi
From: Goldi <>
Cathy Papp, 3225 Lombard
Everett, WA 98203
(206)252-7773; FAX (206)259-4999

La Conner, WA
Interested parties will gather at the Rose and Thistle Tea Room on Maple
Ave. in La Conner at 9:00 AM for a short meditation. GOOD WORK folks!
Sharon Joy
PO Box 681
La Conner, WA 98257 USA

Pasco, WA

WOW!!! Will be having our meditation
group join in from seperate locations here in Pasco.
Chris Dougherty
1814 N 12th St Pasco, WA 99301 USA
509-546-0740, 509-545-8361 home fax 509-546-0740
dorteez <>

Seattle, WA
We invite you to participate in our public outdoor meditation
in South-East Seattle at Seward Park on Jan.23rd at 9:15 am.
Everybody welcome.
For further information please call:
Tel.VM 206 726 3400
Kairo <>
In Lake'ch

Seattle, WA
Everyone here at the Bastyr University are aware of this event and will be
wholly supporting this worldwide meditation!
From: Margo Brann, 7212 NE 170th St, Bothell, WA 98011

Seattle, WA
We will participate. We are an independent spiritual,alternative library in seattle. We
strive for oneness and unity within diversity.
Our web-site is
As-You-Like-It Library
915 E. Pine # 401
Seattle, WA 98122
Philip Lipson <>

Tonasket, WA
The Okanagan Community Cultural Center of Tonasket will be celebrating this event.
For more information contact: Edward Grant 509-486-1328
email: <>

Whidbey Island, WA
A gathering is planned on Whidbey Island at AlderMarsh, a retreat house run
by Joy Moulton, Maxwelton Rd, Clinton, WA 98236. Jan 23 is also the
birthday of Joy and another person here. There will be a noontime
meditation and an evening celebration.
Waddell, Nancy

Fox Point, Wisconsin
Are you aware that this co-incides with the Jewish holiday of
Tu B'Shevat, the festival that honors all plants and trees on earth?
I will try to organize a group through Congregation Sinai of Fox Point, Wisconsin.
Marge Eiseman
Shorewood, Wisconsin

Jackson Hole, WY
We are inviting the public for group meditation and prayer from 10 to 11
am at the Yoga Room at 140 East Hansen in Jackson, Wyoming. For more
information e-mail or call Alan or Lucinda Willes at

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Mary Axtmann is planning a GaiaMind ceremony for January 23rd.
For more info: PO Box 360023, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-0023 (787) 781-4656

Puerto Rico
Hi, I live in Puerto Rico and here I meet a few people in this gaiamind global
meditation. we decided to join to. we will pray for peace in the world, love and unity.
Thanks George (