GaiaMind Gatherings

Updated - January 20, 1997

The most important thing to remember about the simultaneous meditation on January 23rd is that it does not matter where you physically are - you will be with millions of other people in a spirit of shared intention. However, if you are able to gather with a group on that day, and would like to extend an invitation to others to join with you, or even just to let others around the world know that you are joining them, please add your event to the list. Even a contact number and the intention to meet is enough to put up a listing - even if you don't know all the details yet.

These are largely email messages cut and pasted into these web pages.
Please Note: There is often a 24 hour lag between email and posting here.
So, check the "Raw Gatherings" page for new in process listings.
Please format messages in this order: City, Province, Message, Contact info.

Ainsworth Hot Springs, BC, Canada

We are sending this e-mail to register our intention to participate in
the Global Meditation on January 23, 1997. Meditation at Ainsworth Hot Springs, B.C.; chanting sacred vowels in the cave. Kootenay meditators, please feel free to call. We are considering a meditation at the Hot Springs, Potluck to follow. For logistics call Joseph-Mark at (250)229-5630
Cohen, Joseph-Mark & Gora, Patricia
The Net Idea, Box 1355
Ainsworth Hot Springs, BC V0G 1A0
Ph: (250) 229-5630

Athabasca, AB - Canada

We would like to organize a larger event.
David & Jackie Maguire
Box 1944 Athabasca AB.
T9S 2B5 Canada.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Matrix Healing Center / Londonderry Physiotherapy
5527A - 137 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Ray, Phoenix
Thimer, Carol
Wilson, Judy-Anne
We will be meeting at the Center Thursday evening for meditation, song
and healing intention. Any who wish to participate are welcome to call
(403) 476-5641 or fax (403) 476-6944
e-mail address is

London, Ontario, Canada
A group of 12 who study the Ancient Wisdom teachings will join you in meditation on January 23rd, 12:35 pm. Thank you for organizing this. We are in London, Ontario Canada. (Anjali Thomas)

Minden, Ontario, Canada
Pete & Carol Martin, rmt have a gathering at their house to channel and support Mother Earth Thursday, Jan. 23 starting at 12:00 pm. Everyone is welcome in our circle.
Wherever you are from 12:30 pm to 12:35 pm: whatever spiritual belief you have, please visualize Earth and give from your heart a loving feeling. See Earth in a loving mist of light. From 6:00 pm we have an open workshop to share knowledge and support each other and all that is.
For directions call Pete at 705/286 6799 or email: Marion Walker <>.

Montreal, Quebec- Canada
possibly participating in group meditation held at:
9823 Boul St. Laurent
8-9 pm

Grant Penton

North York, Ontario, CANADA
Bachelor in Environmental Studies Students Together
Faculty of Environmental Studies
York University
BESST is organizing a two hour Earth/Mind/Body spirituality session
involving the exploration of self and the energies that unify all
creatures. We will be exploring energy fields and rituals from various
cultures/beliefs. The event will mainly consist of what people bring to
it and what they wish to experience...
We do not know the outcome of this event, but we do know that it has
never been tried least under such unique circumstances.
The journey begins at 12:00 in 306 Lumbers.
For more information, contact:
Jason Bavington, Kim Fry
BESST Co-Chairs

Nova Scotia, Canada
Three wymyn will be sitting in prayer on the rocks of the south shore
in Nova Scotia, Canada. The rocks on the edge our continent. We are
Aries, Scorpio and Virgo. We wish everyone peace and good health and
will join in world prayer for several hours.
Cynthia Grove <>

Québec City, Québec
The program of 97/01/ 23, Centre l'Émeraude in Québec City
We are making an advertising in Québec newspaper «Le Soleil» on the 15,17
and 20 of January, telling people about the 23rd
On the 23rd, our meditation program will begin at 11:15 am East. At 5
minutes to noon, everybody will go outside, and we will draw a living «Star
of David», everyone carrying a candle. After a moment of silence, we will
face each other, giving and asking forgiveness and sharing through this
person, love, peace and harmony with all living being- on earth and in all
the Universe!- then we will come back inside and meditate to bring peace,
love and respect on Earth.

After lunch, we will come back and meditate again on the theme «We are One»
and each one will draw a mandala inside the Star of David- this mandala
will tell what we want to offer to the Source, to bring the Divine Light of
healing on Gaïa, our Mother Earth!
To everyone, on the day of 23, we wish that everyone on earth will become
more aware of the Divine Presence in everyone who lives on earth!

May Love, Peace, Harmony respect become real on Earth. May the Divine
Light guide everyone on earth to a greater awareness that «We are One»!

Denise Limoge
Centre L'Émeraude
12025 Boul. St-Claude, Québec,Qc
Tel: (418) 842-9033
Email : (Yves La Manna for Denise)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
IAO Productions will be hosting a very intimate gathering on
the evening of the 23rd at the abode of Carlo and Luis.
The environment will be relaxed with emphasis on social and personal awareness.
local dj's: ASI ARIA DIDI7 and GREG CLOW.

Carlo and Luis, email: <>
Phone info: 416-531-6265

Toronto, ONT - Canada
The Aetherius Society will be holding special Power Circles in cooperation
with the planetary configuration on January 23rd. These Power Circles will
use Eastern Mantra and mystical visualizations in order to send Spiritual
Energy out to the world as a whole. These services will be held at our
Headquarters, Branches and Groups all over the world at 8:00 p.m. local
time. The public are invited to these Services, but please call to reserve
your space, as seating is limited.
We will also be releasing specially prepared Prayer Power Energy between
17:00 and 18:00 EST in cooperation with the Simultaneous Global Meditation
and Prayer at 17:30 to 17:35 EST.
For further information on Operation Prayer Power or The Aetherius Society
or e-mail us at:
For information on our Power Circles contact one of our centers at:
Toronto, Canada - (905) 828-1758

Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
Greetings. I would like to participate in the Global Meditation and Prayer Day
on Thursday, January 23, 1997. We are planning to gather a group
of like-minded people for this historic planetary event.
Thanking you in advance.
Gail I. Tayyem
Tayyem & Associates, 25 Haultain Crescent, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada S4S 4B4
Bus (306) 545-6502; Fax (306) 545-7075

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
We will be holding a meditation event in Winnipeg, MB. Canada
January 23. For more info please email John Tozeman;