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Updated - January 20, 1997

The most important thing to remember about the simultaneous meditation on January 23rd is that it does not matter where you physically are - you will be with millions of other people in a spirit of shared intention. However, if you are able to gather with a group on that day, and would like to extend an invitation to others to join with you, or even just to let others around the world know that you are joining them, please add your event to the list. Even a contact number and the intention to meet is enough to put up a listing - even if you don't know all the details yet.

These are largely email messages cut and pasted into these web pages.

Australian Alignment Time Info
Thanks to Miriam Laister

Adelaide 4 07 pm ACDT
Sydney 2 35 pm AEDT
Melbourne 3 17 pm AEDT
Hobart 4 25 pm AEDT
Brisbane 2 23 pm AEST
Perth 3 03 pm AWST
Darwin 2 55 pm ACST

We hold a regular Meditation and Healing group for the Earth, ourselves and
our Fellow men, which we first established 19 months ago. Members of the
group come from The Hills Area in Sydney, and some, including myself also
belong to other Meditation and Healing groups, as well as attending The
Australian Academy of Applied Parapsychology. We intend to meditate as a
group on the 23rd - and we are excited and honoured to be part of the World
meditation, aware of the great intent and power of such global unification for
our planets' transformation.
Love and Light to All.
Jane Burse <>

Cremorne, NSW - Australia

The Southern Cross Academy of Light, Cremorne, NSW, is holding a gathering
for those interested in participating in the GaiaMind Global Meditation for
planetary healing. This gathering will be held on Thursday 23 January 1997,
12 noon to 5pm, AEDT, to help set up the energies for this global event.
Some of the activities will include: Meditation, chanting / toning, dance,
and the creation of your own personal healing mandala. The day's events
will be free, except for a small charge to cover materials for the mandalas.
BYO veg lunch to share. All welcome. Please contact Rosemary on (02) 9904
1543 or Gaynor email

Melbourne, Australia
I received all the flyers you sent me, thank you, I am distributing
them this week to everywhere! I do not know of any group in Melbourne
as yet participating, but I would like to put my name down so that if
anyone is interested we could get together or someone could contact
me as I would like to be with others on this day.
Lisa Sutherland-Fraser (work) (home)

North Fitzroy - Melbourne, Australia

Sydney, Australia
Purdie Ian of Sydney, Australia will be sharing this opportunity to raise
human consciousness as will my partner Joanne Verhoeven and as many of our
friends who prove themselves to be like minded by turning up on the day.
We will be wishing for peace and an end to greed and selfishness. My email
address is:

Auckland, New Zealand
The Aetherius Society will be holding special Power Circles in cooperation
with the planetary configuration on January 23rd. These Power Circles will
use Eastern Mantra and mystical visualizations in order to send Spiritual
Energy out to the world as a whole. These services will be held at our
Headquarters, Branches and Groups all over the world at 8:00 p.m. local
time. The public are invited to these Services, but please call to reserve
your space, as seating is limited.
We will also be releasing specially prepared Prayer Power Energy between
17:00 and 18:00 EST in cooperation with the Simultaneous Global Meditation
and Prayer at 17:30 to 17:35 EST.
For further information on Operation Prayer Power or The Aetherius Society
or e-mail us at:
For information on our Power Circles contact one of our centers at:
Auckland, New Zealand (09) 444-4065

Auckland - New Zealand

We intend to link up with you all at that time,
from my home, where I hold a channelling group at:
24A Albrecht Avenue, Hillsborough, Auckland 4, New Zealand.
fax. 64 9 629 1021, but email is better Lani Calkin

BALI, Indonesia
Dear People,
A friend, Jeff Hutner, gave me your flier - I will be celebrating this day
in Bali, the day before the full moon. If you have any more information that
is helpful or any contacts here in Bali or Indonesia that you can connect me
to I'd appreciate it. Jeff has been putting out the flier here and many
people are being turned on the event. Thank you.
Love and inspiration for transformation....... Emerald Starr

Lamma Island, Hong Kong
Our group here on Lamma Island plan to hold a gathering at the stone circle up in the hills.
On the 23rd of January our collected friends of the Earth will be at the stone circle on a small headland called Boulder Point. Halfway between the Villages of Yung Shue Wan and Pak Kok on Lamma Island, New Territories, Hong Kong.
Any interested parties please contact:
Heather McGregor
GPO Box 11583, Central. Hong Kong
Tel - (852) 8100 1939
Fax - (852) 2982 4013
Or contact: Neil Gordon Tel - (852) 2982 2705