Calculating Times for Australia

By Miriam Laister

It was not possible to get a copy of this configuration for Australia. We lose the full moon if we have Gemini rising here. Because of this I also considered moving the Asc back into Taurus - I think this sign is co-ruled (at least) by the Earth itself. However unless the critical 29th degree is used we lose the sextile orb to Saturn, so I stayed with Gemini.

Having 4 Gemini rising puts the moon at 28 Cancer and therefore out of orb for a sextile configuration. Therefore I moved the Asc back to 2 Gemini. As January 23 at 17 30 GMT is between 3 - 5 30 am on the 24th here, the following is a list of the times that the state capitals have 2 Gemini rising.

Adelaide 4 07 pm ACDT
Sydney 2 35 pm AEDT
Melbourne 3 17 pm AEDT
Hobart 4 25 pm AEDT
Brisbane 2 23 pm AEST
Perth 3 03 pm AWST
Darwin 2 55 pm ACST

If you live else where, adjust the time to have 2 degrees of Gemini as the Asc. degree. Tell your friends and perhaps, as we will be the first "on the roll" so to speak (barring New Zealand) and we can give the energy a kick start. If you can take an early start to the day, work out your local equivalent to 17 30 GMT and join the rest of the world. The accompanying chart is for Adelaide. The position of the moon will differ slightly in other locations.