JANUARY 23, 1997 in HILO

In the pattern for January 23, there are the following yods
(alignments having special meaning):

Yod #1

Energy flow <Pallas> <Moon> <Amor/Diana> The growth of humanity
into consciousness of itself and the whole pattern of existence will occur
in flashes of insight. These new perceptions of pre-existing possibilities
will lead to the development of strategies based on
foresight and implemented with effective planning. Appearing in the arts,
healing, and political activism, these strategies will integrate mind and
body, producing courageous actions balanced by sensible, wise counsel.
Aware of our new understandings and how to effectively ground them as
reality, we will move forward with an emotional body at peace. Surrounded
by that peace, our
plans will manifest as love. This love will be the love of engaged,
selfless service. (Amor is contrasted with Cupid's mischievous "falling in
love" and Eros' sensuous passion.) Our love will extend beyond Humankind to
all sentient expressions, including untamed Nature, and an ultimate
acknowledgment of everything as a divine expression. Loving kindness will
motivate our actions
without expectation of return.

Yod #2

Energy flow <Moon> <Pallas> <Pandora> As we balance our emotional
body, the insights of whole patterns are more accessible to us. As we
access those patterns, we are able to surface the long hidden secrets of our
own past, our planetary history, and our true nature. Through forgiveness
and release, we will experience a deep cleansing, purification, and healing.
This healing will remove the curtains that separate us from our
multi-dimensional, galactic expressions and enable us to merge with our
Christ Consciousness potential. The ultimate secret is knowing,
acknowledging, and loving who you really are.

Yod #3

Energy flow <Moon> <Amor/Diana> <Lillith/Mars> The balanced
emotional body is able to merge the energies of unconditional love and the
untamed energies of nature to bring healing to the warrior aspect of our
psyche. Knowing ourselves as a unique expression of the divine, we will no
longer fear losing our individual identity. When we accept ourselves as
part of the whole and accept all the other parts of creation without
conditions, we no longer need rebellion, liberation, or war to protect our
integrity. We will no longer seek to control, manipulate, or otherwise
interfere with other spirits unfolding their inner path.
In joining the energies of the three yods, we essentially find peace
through recognition and acceptance of all that we have been and (re)discover
all that we can be. With that complete understanding, we are able to
manifest heaven on earth and reconnect ourselves to the stars, the spiritual
realms, and all the other dimensions that are ours by divine right.

There are also three mystic rectangles offering still further insights.

Mystic Rectangle #1

<Pandora> <Jupiter/Sun/Uranus/Vesta/Icarus> <Moon>
<Hidalgo/Pluto> A light worker is on a spiritual mission to liberate
Humankind from earthbound attachments. The light illuminates the darkness
created by fear. This illumination draws the source of the fear into the
light to be acknowledged, blessed and released to manifest as love. This
process moves the ego from limitation into radiance. No longer bounded by
dogma, our spiritual
essence finds itself in a spacious freedom where exploration and discovery
bring joy, connectedness, and a return to harmony.

Mystic Rectangle #2

<Saturn/Urania> <Jupiter/Sun/Uranus/Vesta/Icarus>
<Moon> <Lillith/Mars> Going within, the individual sees the form of
patterns that have limited expression and transforms those patterns into the
harmony of a spherical, rather than linear, existence. Conflicts are
resolved through deep understandings and compassion. Finding peace within
brings a
spiritual rebirth. Divine inspiration becomes the guide for the individual
earthly mission as the we merge with our higher self.

Mystic Rectangle #3

<Saturn/Urania> <Hidalgo/Pluto> < Pandora>
<Lillith/Mars> The peaceful warrior looks without fear at the deepest
wounds to heal with understanding. The experiment in isolated third
dimensional consciousness was a noble undertaking that is drawing to
completion. We return to our whole selves with an extraordinary
comprehension to be shared with
all the realms who joyfully await our arrival.
Welcome Home!
Thanks to Anne Santos for perceiving these patterns and assisting in
development of the interpretations. Copy and share.

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