Welcome to the latest 'US' (Unity of the Spirit) Update.

We have many new members from all over the world and from many different belief systems that have just been added to our email distribution. It is exciting to see so many people praying and meditating at the same time for the purpose of bringing about a better world. Last time I did this I really felt in prayer that we were all connected to something big, did you feel it too ?

First off let me say that this mail page is multi-purpose. First to keep people informed of the times when others will be praying and mediating for a worldwide Unity in the Spirit. A time to pray for spiritual awakening among more people of the world. A time to focus on the problems and especially the solutions for our troubled world. Lastly, to keep people informed of the latest developments of our own event "Unity of the Spirit" Week we are planning here in Daytona Beach Florida.

#1 January 18th 3:PM to 5:PM EST there will be "Dances Of Universal Peace" to be held at the The Dome in Beverly Beach Florida. The Dances of Universal Peace are simple joyous circle dances honoring world traditions. ** Dome will also be major attraction for our U S Week. (see # 5)

#2 January 19th is World Religion DayThis Day is observed yearly in over eighty countries in world. The underlying purpose is to foster the establishment of inter-Faith understanding and harmony. If you have astrological interests please consider praying or meditating at 7:30 AM EST where there is a strong alignment.

#3 January 23rd-The GaiaMind Project ,Visit excellent WEB site for details and/or send Email for more details.

#4 April 6 Celebration of Abundance We are inviting you to call upon the Great Ones to change beliefs of scarcity into beliefs of abundance. Each one of you will be a point of light through which the Great Ones can transmit the energies of abundance to others.

#5 May 16th to May 23rd. Our Unity of the Spirit Week at Daytona Beach Florida. Features many activities including Sacred/Spiritual Arts Fair, trips to the Dome, lectures and good seaside fun. Astrological aspect with the Grand Trine of Sun, Moon and Neptune. New activities to be announced next week. Uniworld Travel will handle your travel arrangements. Send Email for travel arrangements and new updates.
Well that is it for this announcement. Consider joining our Mail List and really do try joining in prayer and meditation during these times. Something really big does happen when we join together. To join our list send email with the word US in the topic heading.

Unity in the Light,

Ray PS. Any submissions or artwork and HTML help is welcome. :-)