Six Pointed Star

The symbol is made up of two triangles, the top one pointing downward
focusing higher consciousness into human form and the bottom triangle
pointing upward, raising lower consciousness to higher levels, merging
in the heart center to form the complete star. Another way to view it
is the 3 lower chakras, [base spleen and solar plexus] merging in love
in the heart chakra with the 3 higher chakras [crown, pineal and throat]
thereby achieving enlightenment/Christ Consciousness of the total being
and a joining of higher and lower aspects of the entire self.

This star is a symbol of the Great White Brotherhood, a collective body
of both discarnate and incarnate beings from Earth and other planets and
dimensions dedicated to the spiritual upliftment of all beings and is
used to denote Christ Consciousness.

Sananda (who was known as Jesus on Earth) now working with the Ashtar
Command, again part of the Great White Brotherhood, has given the symbol
of the six pointed star to be worn by lightworkers in this time as a
physical symbol that we may recognise each other by and be more united
in the work.

White Eagle, a discarnate spirit guide channelling through Grace Cooke,
from mid 1940's, asked all lightworkers to visualise the six pointed
star in the hearts of all people and shining upon our planet, an action
which is very appropriate now in the light of the alignment of the
planets in this formation.

Communication with the Christ Consciousness occurs within the heart
center and as the planetary spheres align, much information will come
forth in this way in a great upliftment that we can all take part in.

Lani Calkin
Omega Communications Lightwork Group
New Zealand