The Archetypal Mandala of the Star of David

by Margaret Starbird

The mandala of the hexagram, also known as the "Star of David" is much older than Judaism, older even than history! As an archetypal symbol for the sacred union of the opposite energies, it is the "yin-yang" of western civilization. Formed by the intertwining of the "fire" and "water" triangles (the male "blade" and the female "chalice") this symbiol represents the masculine and feminine principles in perfect union, the "sacred marriage" or "hieros gamous" of the ancient world. In India the symbol represents the "cosmic dance" of Shiva and Shakti, and the Jewish Kaballah suggests that the Ark of the Covenant contains, in addition to the tables of the Ten Commandments, "a regular hexagram representing a man and woman in intimate embrace,"

Since "Sacred Union" is the source of all life on this planet, the six-pointed star uniting the archetypal male and female triangles has long been acknowledged as the model for balance and wholeness. Medieval Alchemists called the Star the "Philosopher's stone," adding a tiny dot on the upper right hand point to represent the presence of God and guidance of the Divine Spirit. In 1986 during a period of intense revelation and enlightenment, I was given the symbol of the six-pointed star with a dove brooding over it, wings outstretched, as a powerful sign for the New Age dawning. The star represented the entire living cosmos--"male and female," "heaven and earth," "spirit and matter," "light and dark" and all living things--under the Dove of Peace, "with healing in her wings." For years, I couldn't really talk about this image, but finally wrote about the meaning of the Star in the final chapter of my book, THE WOMAN WITH THE ALABASTER JAR, (Bear and Co, 1993). The Star of David appears on every page of that book as its guiding mandala, and the contents have been described by some readers as the "missing link" between Christianity and Juadism. That missing link is the "sacred marriage."

And now we discover that the Star of David will be weaving in and out of the heavens in the orbits of planets in our solar system over the next several weeks. As above, so below! This "gift" should be setting our hair on fire!! Some where, some how this blessing was set in motion at the beginning of time! And we have been given the "eyes to see!" ! This is an amazing "consciousness raising" event--like the birth of Miracle, the white buffalo calf or even the "Star of Bethlehem." The sign of the Star in the Heavens is a mighty clarion call to people everywhere!

I am spellbound when I contemplate the dates of the "conjunction" in the heavens. January 23rd--the "Birthday of the Trees" in Israel, "Nature's birthday" or the day when living things receive their "cosmic energy" is a beautiful reminder of the "sacred union" that is the source of life on the planet! And in February, what Feast is a more obvious reminder of "sacred union" than that of St. Valentine's Day? In the ancient world, the work of the Holy Spirit was known as "the net"--reflectng the belief that everything is interwoven and intermeshed!! The "synchronicity" of the Star rising in New York and Jerusalem at the same instant on the 23rd of January--at the FULL MOON--is too incredible for words!

The message of the Star of David in the heavens is undoubtedly "peace on earth." But it is more than that. It is a reminder that we are not alone--that we are part of a whole and that the Living Force of the Cosmos is with us. Equality, mutuality, community and wisdom are all summed up in this beautiful mandala whose ultimate archetypal meaning is "harmony in diversity." Its rising now to bless and enlighten us is truly a gift for all peoples!