The white man came
And looked upon the naked red skin,
The villages among the trees
The legends of Indian gods,
And he cried "savage"
The white man
killed the red man
Plundered his villages,
And blamed him
For things he hadn't done
And he cried "savage"
The white man
Saw the red man kill the buffalo
Saw the women use every part
And the white man killed the buffalo
Now the great heros
Of the giant beasts,
Running free
Have vanished
And the white man cries "savage"
The white man
Saw the indian lands and wanted them for himself
So he overpowered the red man
And pushed him on a reservation
And he cried "savage"
The red man
Sees his land being killed
His animals threatened by extinction
His people suffering
So he fights back
And the whote man overpowers him
And cries "savage"
Now I look around,
at myself,
the people and the world around me
I look at the concrete
The expanding cities
And the shrinking countryside
The extinction of animals
And the suffering of people
And I think "savage"

Written by Ann Wallace
Contributed by Carrie Levi