The Maharishi Effect

By Bill Farver

Here is some information I feel is vital to the general public who are
interested in Planetary Evolution and who has any intention of partaking in
the process of their choice. This is about valid scientific research into
only one of these techniques. You have someting going here which is crucial
to the global effort, organizing people with many different interests and
techniques. You should be aware of the following...

Scientific research into Transcendental Meditation (TM) over 35 years has
shown that when 1% (one percent) of the population meditating in a group,
experiences transcendental consciousness (TC), local hospital admissions,
violent crime, issuances of traffic citations and all non life supporting
social activity decreases during that time. With TMers, TC is experienced for
a fraction of a second at a time at intervals throughout the twenty minute
meditation period. If practiced twice daily, a permanent change in the trands
of time occurs for the local population. This phenomena has been named "the
Maharishi effect" after its discoverer Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (pronounced

Research by independent institutions, including MIT, UC Irvine, Ohio State
and others have determined that TM is the most effective for various reasons,
but other techniques do produce TC and when practiced regularly, they too
produced the Maharishi Effect.

I don't know which techniques produce TC other than TM, but TC, however it
is produced seems to be the key to changing the trends of consciousness in a
seemingly out of control world awash in global ignorance.

In my own private activity, after I practice TM, I sit quietly and
visualize a blazing white light permeating every cell of my body. After I
establish the light, I visualize a ray of golden light comming from the
heart. I maintain this for 15 minutes longer. This technique produces a
unique effect and feeling thats not easily described. I never, never, never
mix TM with anything else, but I practice techniques seperately. My
experience with visualization, sometimes accompanied by affirmation, is
different from my experience of TC during meditation. I have experienced TC
outside of TM (maybe out of reflex) but the experience has a slightly
different flavor. A good flavor, but still different.

In any case, large numbers of people experiencing TC twice daily is
paramount to global change. Maharishi calls it "experiencing GOD". I'm sure
just once on Jan 23rd at 9:30 Pacific time will help a little bit but I think
it would be good to organize large numbers of people doing whatever they do
on a regular basis twice daily.

Tell me what you think. Anything I can do??? Good luck, have fun and keep
in touch.

Bill Farver