JIM what is this ???
Wed, 1 Jan 97 21:30:25 -0800
Steven Foster <>

Hey what is this mckenna-ish stuff re 1/23/96 ?? for real or not?

Steve -
clip follows:

Date: Wed, 1 Jan 1997 07:15:28 -0800
From: Levi Shulman <levi@UNISERVE.COM>
Subject: 01/23/97

Joy inquired about the significance of Jan 23rd 1997, according to

01/23/1997 appears to target the culmination, on many time scales, of
the signature wave of TWZ (History's Fractal Mountain). Immediately
beyond this day -- and I say immediately, because no matter how fine a
resolution I can achieve in any *major* resonent time scale, 01/23/1997
seems to mark the *exact* cusp beyond which begins a gradual return to
habit: It looks like a pretty tight knot.

Well, that's my minor contribution; maybe someone else can expand on,
correct, or offer a different perspective; I'm really tired...

Global Meditation -- January 23, 1997
Sat, 4 Jan 1997 12:47:29 -0500

I want to mention an amazing coincidence that happened for me regarding the

I had just read your advertisement in New York City's "Free Spirit" and was
immediately drawn to participate and had even marked my calendar. I then
decided to turn my computer on to make contact at your web site address.

I had one communication in my mailbox which I decided to read before making
the contact and that message came from GaiaMind.

I even have a significant natal placement on that day -- My Pluto/Sun
conjunction (2 degees Leo and 8 degrees Leo, respectively) so that the
transiting Moon on that day falls at midpoint to my conjunction.

Can there be any doubt that this message is especially meant for me? Thank
you for keeping me informed.

Peace and Love,

Madeline Carroll

Here is that story refined:

A friend of mine gets automatic writing channeled to her from Elohim.  On one such
episode in the early part of 1996, she was told that (for whatever reason) she should be sure
to meditate on January 23, 1997.
Not being particularly motivated by traditional religion, she still decided to seek
confirmation from the bible (as this was the closest book at hand).  She had never received
an actual date during a writing,  usually it is just symbolic, such "when the leaves change to
brown, etc..
Thus, she asked for confirmation of this info, blindly opened the book, and pointed to a
The verse is from the book of David, and opens this way:
on the 24th day of the first month
you will be visited etc. etc. etc

Out of hundreds of pages, she instantly found one that almost perfectly matched!
Also, plans were made to be in Maui for this event.  Everyone she felt that would be
interested, that she contacted, had already made plans to be in Maui!!

I believe that the correct time for Maui is 7:35 am.  Is this correct, or is there more exact a

Fri, 10 Jan 1997 09:33:22 -0800
"Maya (Janice)" <>

Dear Jim:

I am grateful to be attentive lately to a particular string of pearl
events that have lead me to your page. I am not an astrologer, and I
understand little of the astro terminology and meaning, yet, the date
January 23 has been put in my face in a variety of different impressions
over the past week or so. First off, a friend of mine asked me to
intuit a good date for her wedding sometime this month, and immediately
without stopping to think I chose the 23rd. An astrologer whom I met on
the net a year ago, contacted me recently to let me know that my chart
revealed a very significant astrological event, with my moon appearing
in opposition to the full moon on the 23rd. I had also received email
that vaguely described the star formation and that it would be a great
day for global meditation. Last night, a total stranger (Karima Inayat)
and newbie on the net who visited my own site, suggested that I might
enjoy your homepage.

I have not made my way through the entire site as yet, but the article
ABOUT 23 really caught my attention.

For the past 6 months, I have been undergoing a very serious group study
with a teacher, with regard to enlightenment, and the Holy Grail. In one
of our more casual conversations, we were talking about numbers and I
mentioned my favorite lottery picks, which included the numbers 8, 13,
17, and 23. Well, my teacher at that point mentioned that these were
Grail numbers, but he has not elaborated at this point. Shortly
afterward, my meditations became rather interesting for on occassion I
would have these numerical/geometrical impressions come to mind, that
seem to me to be like personal mapping.

I found myself attracted to information regarding the golden mean
triangle, and sacred geometry, and I started doing all these
mathematical equasions and sequencing, initiated with great inspiration
, however, it usually lead to great confusion :)

Your article is very fascinating, although it got a little overwhelming
near the end for me, trying to keep up with the astro talk. I have
printed it off and will be reading and re-reading.

Anyway, I thought perhaps that you might be interested in the fact that
these numbers are referred to as Grail numbers. It might prove to be
yet another interesting research journey on the magical number 23.

Brightest Blessings,