Another thought on the 6-pointed star: The pyramid above, and
the pyramid below the earth, summoning points for the Father and the
Mother to come together.

Be well yourselves, Lily

reference Star of David starchart
Wed, 01 Jan 1997 09:17:25 -0800
Elijah Rosenberg <>
Paradigm Group

Are you aware of the origin of Star of David?
Do a chart for October 28, 1062 BC, This is David`s date of Birth.
159. This is published by BEAR, POBOX 480005, DENVER, CO>

sacred marriage of opposites
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 12:20:27 -0800
X Dan X <>

Have you seen Margaret Starbird's work on this sacred image of the
interlaced triangles? She has studied its meaning over the centuries to
peoples in many places and finds a profound meaning for the consciousness
of the planet in it. Her work on the sacred marriage (of which the
six-pointed star is an image)is an important part of this message. Hope
you have tapped into it. Her published book is called "The Woman With
The Alabaster Jar" and she has another in the works in which she discusse
the sacred geometry of this and related subjects. Thank you for the work
you are doing to bring this important conjunction to the public and to
encourage this step in consciousness. My friends and I will all be
meditating on Jan. 23rd with great hope for the development of a true
noosphere in which we can begin to experience ourselves as Planet Earth
rather than as individual egos! Let's do it!! Thanks again - Mary B.

six-pointed star
Wed, 8 Jan 1997 21:11:48 -0600
From: (Jean or John LeFevre)

I believe that some of our friends have already drawn your attention to our
web site, at - - as this is the headquarters of the White
Eagle organization in the Americas, our Mother Lodge is in the UK.
With reference to the meaning of the six-pointed star, which we visualize
in meditation, the following are verbatim extracts from the White Eagle
teachings originating in the 1930's -
"The Star is the symbol of the perfect life, the perfect balance, of the
Christ-man. The six-pointed star is the Star of Bethlehem, which again
means the Star of the Son of man. Think of the miracle of the snowflake,
each with its six points and of many flowers with six petals or points.
Think along these lines and you will quickly find that a six-pointed star
expresses something of the universal in nature in its simplicity, its
perfect balance and truth."
Again - "In the six-pointed star, with the seventh point in its center, we
behold the history of creation and God's plan for man's life, not merely
from the beginning to the end of an incarnation but through eternity.
Eternal life is something infinitely grander, infinitely more beautiful than
man has grasped, because one has to comprehend eternity; all is eternal now.
This is a profound secret of life. Sometimes in deep meditation the soul is
able to touch that depth and that height of comprehension. The soul
recognizes eternity, perhaps in a flash, and in that flash lives through
eternal life, through countless ages; but as soon as the soul returns to the
confines of the physical brain and the limitations of material life,
understanding of eternity falls away and it is bound again in prison,
suffering the sorrows and anguish of mortal life. It is only when it can
escape from this bondage that it can touch the truth of life and enter into
the very center of the star.
What do we mean by saying that the star is the symbol of creation and of
God's plan for man? We read into the symbol of the Star which led the
Wise Men and which leads all wise men to the birthplace of truth - we see in
this the ages advancing and receding and we see the continual involution and
evolution of life. We see the ages fulfilling their purpose and through
each age we see the soul of man uplifted and cast down. We see the soul
struggling through the darkness of ignorance, fear and selfishness. At the
end of the age we see that the soul has glimpsed some of the glory of the
heavens, the glory of God's plan. That glory is absorbed into the depths
of the soul, is covered up again, and the soul enters once more upon the
path of the particular age which is to bring to it certain lessons, certain
understanding of the mighty grandeur and glory of its Creator."
Also - "The star with the six points represents the star of Light .......of
brotherhood, the Star of Christ. The love of Christ is represented by
this Star. So, we have in that symbol a representation of the Ancient
Wisdom, and the love of Christ, the wisdom and love combined, which is to be
realized by humanity in this New Age - the age of Aquarius."
Copyrights for these quotations held by the White Eagle Publishing Trust, UK.
I hope this may be of assistance,


John LeFevre
St. John's Retreat Center

Burt Wilson
The Center for Future Consciousness

The Septenary Universe unfolds seamlessly from Infinity to the
physical plane but it was divided into Seven Planes of Existence--or
states of consciousness--by The Hierarchy who released this information
through Mme. Blavatsky.
The Three Higher Planes--Atma (Infinity), Buddhi (Light) and Manas
(Higher Intelligence) constitute the Higher Self. The Higher Self is
represented by the triangle pointing upwards. Interestingly enought,
everyone and everything in the Universe has the same three principles in
their seven-principled bodies and this constitutes the principle of
Universal Brotherhood.
The triangle pointing downwards is representative of the lower
self, the three principles of sensient life--the "breath of life" (which
is a reflection of the Highest Principle), the Astral Body and the
physical Body.
When we come into existence, these two triangles are separated, the
higher above the lower. In between is a single point of consciousness
which represets the soul. The soul is the vehicle of our desires. If
we desire the things of the lower principles, the fire of out soul is
directed downward and, if our lower desires are strong enough, goes out.
However, if we direct the fire upwards into our Higher Self, we
receive the higher energies necessary to RAISE OUR LOWER SELF into
harmony with our Higher Self. Thus the lower and Higher self become
locked together in place in perfect Union by the principle of the soul.
Thus we attain full consciousness awareness on ALL PLANES of the
universe and he have, in effect, spiritualized our lower self, to the
point where it has raised its energies into Union with the Higher.
As the great metaphysician Mme. Helena Roerich said, "Man becomes
simply a god...and then God."

Please drop by the Center for Future Consciousness at

Burt Wilson is Ex. Dir. a teacher of Agni Yoga and a former member of
the Board of Trustees of Manly Palmer Hall's Philosophical Research
Society in Los Angeles.


Mon, 13 Jan 1997 17:26:15 -0500
Sharon Kleitsch <>
The Connection Partners

Sharon, Suncoast Community Institute of Noetic Sciences
13398 Gulf Lane #8
Madeira Beach

The six-pointed star is a symbol of the lost archetype of The Sacred
Marriage, representing the balance of male and female among others and
essential for our personal and planetary healing.

Wed, 15 Jan 1997 08:51:00 -0600
"Alfredo Alejandro Careaga" <>
Juliana & Jim <>

>It is all on the web
>sorry we don't have time to email much
>If you have web access please check this url:
>If not please email us again and we will try to
>email you more information.
>Be Well,
>Juliana & Jim

Dear Juliana & Jim,

I visited your page on the Web and enjoyed it tremendously. There are
however very important aspects missing in the information ir contains. The
configuration of the stars on Jan 23 shows the star of David and a Quintile
(72 degrees) between Saturn and Venus. The six pointed star is a
Caldeo-Assirian symbol that existed centuries before the Jewish forefathers
(David et al) associated it with Judaism. Its original meaning is from the
early Godess cults and means ritual sexual intercourse: the upright
triangle represents the male (two testicles and penis) while the downright
represents the female (two breasts and vagina). The Quintile between Saturn
and Venus represents the magical powers of the Godess (Lilith, Astarte,
Isis, Artemis, Venus, Eve, Mary,...) having magical sex with Saturn, the
Lord of Karma. This is the real key to understanding the cosmic pattern.
The last time this complete configuration happened was 5,000 years ago! I
don't have the time to explain this in depth, but I suggest that the
proposed world wide meditation be of a Tantric nature, i.e., let's all
meditate while making love! Can you imagine the reality creating power of
the sexual magic that could be generated? We would really change the world.
Millions of simultaneous orgasms to create peace would heal our planet.


J a g n a

Sw. Prem Jagna
Leon Salinas 102, Tetela del Monte
Cuernavaca, Mor. 62130 Mexico
Tel/fax: 52 (73) 17.10.48

Star of David
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 13:13:51 -0600
Betty Wexler <>

The traditional and Kabbalistic meaning of the Star of David is 'as
above, so below'....or the integration of body, mind, spirit. The
triangle pointing upward represents spirit and the triangle pointing
downward represents the the interlinking of the two
represents the merger..This would lead one to believe that when the Star
of David presents as a configuration in the sky, that it would indicate
a most auspicious time for the merger of body, mind, and spirit. A time
when we can 'bring down the heavens' into consciousness of our physical
nature. We should meditate upon becoming open and welcoming a
consciousness of spirit into our physical life. We are so blessed!!
Betty Wexler (bluemoon) <>