Juliana and Jim
Fri, 17 Jan 1997 02:08:06 -0700
From: (tom sanger)

Thank you, thank you for being a beacon for those of us who have
been running into a few too many people who seem to think that self
agrandizement and spirituality are synonomous.
This is absolutely wonderful what you are planning. I'm going to link
up with someone from Costa Rica I know who I just saw a posting from on
your site! Fantastic!!
Have you heard of "Dr." Lee Shargel? He has been predicting major
events having to do with the supposed Hale-Bopp companion for the 23rd
also. From all appearences he is a fraud. However, he was the one who
got my attention onto the 23rd so even frauds have there benefits! It
is rare that I do this but I was compelled, by thoughts that I don't
feel originated with me, to add up the numbers in the date 1/23/97 and
then divide it all by 2. I didn't think anything would come of it but
it comes out as 11-11. I don't do this sort of thing except when I feel
drawn to do so because of something significant and important. I only
get this feeling to do something like this every few months. I can tell
you I had chills running down my spine! And now to come across your
This feels like something significant might happen. I have been an E.T.
conatact since '88 and have had major experiences up in the North
Cascades of Washington State at a mountain called the Pleiades (no
kidding its on the map!). Last March was an intensely powerful time for
me and I got the clear message that there would be planetary contact
taking place before the turn of the century. I didn't think it would be
that early but due to my March experiences it was clear that it would
I still think that Hale-Bopp will turn out to be much more than just a
Now I'm really looking forward to being with a group who has clean
intentions for any event that might take place on the 23rd and that is
with you folks and my friend Harald Holler in Costa Rica. Expect to
hear from a Jean Pierre from France real soon if you haven't already.
Thanks again. If you send a reply I don't expect a long one since
you are obviously very busy.
In love and light------Tom Sanger---
Tucson, Az.

Thank You!
Fri, 17 Jan 1997 16:08:14 -0800
Lisa Cone Reeves <>

I am so grateful to have seen your ad in New Age magazine and found your
site on the Web! I feel passionately that you are right in urging us to
stretch for a global consciousness, and I am intrigued by the concept of
Gaia herself first of all, and GaiaMind as the logical (?) next step.

Thank you on behalf of those like me who are infant meditators, and
isolated to a great extent from like-minded people, for putting your
thoughts and the January 23, 1997 chart on the WWW for all.