White light
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 08:29:01 +0000
Laurel Holmstrom <>

Hello. I am glad to see that a global mediation is planned to mark
this extraordinary astrological event. I have been reading your Web
site for information and plan to organize a small meditation with
friends on the 23rd. I read your page on suggestions for the
meditation and just wanted to put in my spiritual two cents. While
white light may be common to spiritual traditions around the world, my
experience as a psychic is that white light tends to invite beings
(without bodies) into your space or the room which is not always a
good idea to do. Gold light, similar to sun shining through honey,
represents our own highest information in present time and may be more
appropriate for this kind of global mediation given it's intention and
focus. By bringing in our highest information, we can see what our
part is in the evolution of the planetary consciousness and provide
compassionate permission for all the Earth's inhabitants to realize
their greatest good.

Thank you for your service and providing this information!

Bright Blessings,

Rev. Laurel Holmstrom

Simultaneous Prayer & Meditation 1/23
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 23:33:14 -0800

Hi. Beautiful website. Here in Reno, NV a group of us plan to join in
the meditation -- I am not certain of the exact translation of Greenwich
Mean Time to our time - we are on Pacific Standard time here, but a bit
east of the coast. We have it figured at about 9:30pm-9:35pm but would
appreciate you setting us straight if we're wrong.

I would like to put in my bit about the focused visualization. I have
personally a problem with unbalanced white light. I feel it is very im-
portant to balance this light, which comes in through the crown chakra,
with the (as I visualize it) gold light coming up from the Earth through
the root chakra. A friend of mine says it is the black light, the light
from within the Earth, but I always see it as gold, and the ethereal
light as a silvery, rather than pure white light. Anyway, those of us
that I know here will be calling for light from below as well as above,
and asking for the Light of the Mother of Everything to be present along
with the Light of God.

Oh, a thought about the 6-pointed star... I dreamed that the points
represented 1. Spirit (God/Mind) 2. Will (Mother/Emotions) 3.Body
(Manifestation/Form) 4. Heart (The Christ/Balance) 5. Earth (Mankind/
The Magnetic) 6. Heaven (The Source/The Vision). Also, in keeping
with Gaiamind -- The six lower chakras, with the star itself forming
the crown chakra.

Thanks for the information. Be well.


PS - Have you been following the information from Sheldon Nidle about
the approaching photon belts? If his information is true, and we will
know soon enough, we will not be able to view the star because we will
be in total light for 16 years!

Wed, 15 Jan 1997 13:17:44 +0100
Vorname Nachname <>
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

Der friends,

for this meditation I will call forth GOD SOURCE, Archangel METATRON and
Instead of white light you may see or visualize golden-white light, that
showers down on you and on the whole earth.
You could also visualize and channel that energy into the earth until the
inner earth and the core becommes soaked with this golden - white light.

It will be a fantastic meditation !

Sicerely Stefan Marti