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As Gaia becomes conscious, humanity moves from adolescent to adult and
prepares for the wedding with God.

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Juliana & Jim wrote:
> Nicely put,
> >As Gaia becomes conscious, humanity moves from adolescent to adult and
> >prepares for the wedding with God.
> may we add it to the site.
> Be Well,
> Juliana & Jim

I would be honored. Could also possibly change that to be "prepares to
be married to God". This might not be better since the original form
gives it a bit of ambiguity that makes it more acceptable to different
beliefs. I'll let you decide.

Participating in reaching critical mass

2 Jan 1997 13:37:28 -0300

I received a message in my list concerning the subject of the strength
of a global medidation. I've just experienced this very recently, on
the night of Dec.31, which, for me, is only a calendar accident. But
the energy of so many people making wishes for the new year was so
strong, I had to give up and try some new wishes myself. As I've been
dealing with another symbol system, my energy got confused and I had to
protect myself, although it was extremely difficult. So, it certainly
works, and it's strong. The same message points the Full Moon on Jan
23. I work with the Moon energy and have a group who meets every New
and Full Moon. I got a lot of information lately concerning the very
special astrological moment we are living right now. Information on the
Hale-Bopp comet called my attention and I casted a chart for the New
Moon on March 8, when the comet will be at its brightest, together with
a solar eclipse. This chart is very special, no squares at all, most of
the planets in water signs, and I wrote a friend I believed this was
the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Now I read at the message I
received that you feel Jan 23 as the dawning of Aquarius. What I can
feel is that those special events are here and happening. I don't know
if it will happen in one day, or a period. Maybe this is it, and right
now. I will enjoy more information and am ready to work, I don't yet
know how, to gather minds to meditate on the next Moons. I feel
Internet is a good vehicle, since I receive most of the information
through it, adding to information I can channel.
I live in Rio, Brazil, please contact me.
Noga Lubicz
e-mail noga @

the divine is my Essence

The self image held by a group of people fully determines the nature of
their culture, and technology.

day to day activities, securing a living, establish and preserve
institutions - family, government, etc. are CREATIVE ACTS!

The true worship, the true honoring, the true love is in the striving to
awaken the divine qualities that are the essence of our being.

Seven obstacles to spiritual fulfillment:
1)personal concern, or anxiety for self-preservation and attachment to the
personality. "Everything comes to the one who has the courage to lose
oneself in order to find the Universe.
2)wrong notion of providence. That is, a belief in a God who corrects
one's flaws, changes history, and prevents inevitable consequences from
happening. The Amentia concept of Neter (the root for Nature) is God, the
sacred act, or divine providence, is viewed as a combination of destiny and
free will. This philosophy is in line with the Chinese notion of the Tao,
which sees things not in terms of good and evil, but in terms of yin and
yang. We must believe in the saying: "The Lord helps those who help
3)False pity. Suffering is the "school of consciousness," and true wisdom
cannot be gained without it. One consents to experience the trials of
human suffering in order to better transmute them with the manifestation of
love. At best, pity is based on fear. It is personal reaction to the
suffering of others as it appears to affect oneself. At worst, pity is
merely condescension.
4)Quest for sanctity. One conducts one's life not according to the
straight and narrow, but according to the wide and deep. "He who hath not
put his talent to use shall be deprived of all that he hath" Bible. The
wise man tends the divine fire in himself until it overcomes all lesser
5)Sentimentality. That is, judgement of the world through personal
feelings and intellectual notions. The ancient Egyptian believed that only
the spiritual and the physical were real realms. mental and emotional
planes were temporal and could be true only if aligned to physical and
spiritual planes.
6)Satisfaction. Longing is an eternal spiritual state, and those who are
satisfied on physical, emotional, or intellectual planes are closing their
eyes to all that is yet possible. "he who is satisfied with the mediocre
will never attain the great."
7)Routine. Blindly maintaining the status quo for fear of recrimination
was to loose one's own true nature. At times bucking the system was a
sacred task, especially when it meant aligning action on earth more closely
with spiritual truth.

If you would like more writings for your web site, please let me know.

In oneness.....

Jonah Reynolds
Earthship Global Operations

"Get an Earthship and Survive"

Views from the Earthbeat:
The changes were supposed to be out there, not in here.....
by Reverend Betsy G. Stang

Welcome to the Aquarian Age! While we were looking somewhere else
for signs and wonders, perhaps for a silver disk from the sky, or a tidal
wave that would take out California, it crept up on us. When we weren't
looking, we entered a dimensional portal and hardly noticed. Strangely, we
weren't expecting it to look like this. The world should have turned into a
cleaner, high-tech Woodstock, tribal and self-sufficient, yet with a sleek
look, and a gentle suffused aura of elevated consciousness. Perhaps, we
were still singing an unconscious refrain from "Hair." A day-glow light show
or some sort of profound announcement should have preceded this turn.
We all have been waiting so long, after all.
As relatively conscious beings, we knew, of course, that we would have to
be strong and prepared for whatever changes happened, but we all thought
that we wouldn't have to change too much. The changes were supposed to
be out there, not in here. Surprise! This time period is ruled by Uranus and
Chiron, and they are the planetary devas of the unexpected and of
shamanic transformation. Put them together in a T-square and you have the
recipe for a wild ride on the cosmic roller coaster.
Humanity is being requested to outgrow its adolescent, narcissistic behavior
and assume responsibility as young adults ready to take their place in the
greater galactic arena. However, we must pass through a threshold, a rite
of passage. First, we have to prove that we can at least manage to
clean-up our room, or planet, as the case may be.
What is responsibility, besides a word humanity has long run away from? It
conjures up dour Saturnine images of grumpy old men, telling us to do our
duty, no matter how painful. Actually, it might be a good time to lighten up
our concepts. It has been noted that "angels fly because they take
themselves lightly." Responsibility simply means the ability to respond in
moment, to be fully present and responsive to what the Universe is
presenting us with. What are the challenges, what are the opportunities, and
where is the divine poetry of this particular moment?
Many of us have been waiting our entire lives for this moment of
opportunity. The old values no longer work for us as a species. They are
no longer sustainable. What ways of being -- in personhood, community,
government, and global cooperation are waiting to come into acceptance?
If you carry a dream for transformation and healing deep within your heart,
now is the time to put it on the table. The dream can become manifest in
physical reality very quickly at this juncture and we need the good dreams.
We stand at a pivotal point and it will take many of us joining together to
insure a sustainable future for all our relations.

Reverend Betsy Stang, M.A., is the Founder and Executive Director of
The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources, an interfaith center in
Bearsville, NY, which is accredited as an international non governmental
organization with consultative status at the United Nations. She is an
interfaith minister, Earth activist, counselor, writer, mother, and teacher.
Her private practice utilizes clairvoyant counseling for personal and
planetary transformation.

Tue, 14 Jan 1997 15:35:29 -0500 (EST)
Zeynep Tufekci <>

I am Zeynep. I am of Turkish/Muslim origin. After practicing
strictly the teachings of Muhammed for forty-five years, a few months
ago, I also opened my heart to the teachings of Jesus and Christianity. I
am presently learning the Torah and the teachings of Moses.

As I experienced my spiritual awakening within the last few months, I have
been given an opportunity to choose by Allahim/God and I have chosen. I
bring the same invitation to you, on the verge of such a phenominal event
as the one taking place on the 23rd of January. Remember nothing is
chance or coincedence, everything is in place for the 'New Beginnings'.

So, on the verge of a New Age of Awakening, I am asking you to stop
resisting and choose to open your hearts to all Allahim/God's Master
Teachers and their teachings. Learn, love and respect all the teachings.

When we stop resisting, the walls of separation we have created among
ourselves will naturally dissolve away and then we can truly feel the
peace and unity in the world, then we can truly begin the experience of
the "Global Oneness". After all, the teachings were meant to be used as
tools to remember and to know who we are. Then to experience the

We all know we are 'one' but knowing is not enough, the ACTUAL EXPERIENCE
is what Allahim/God is after, the experience of "Global Oneness",
because when we all finally experience it, so will Allahim/God.

Only then we can begin to heal our world, only then will we know the true
unity and peace.

There is an urgency to my message because we can choose to heal our world
now or we can continue to destroy it.

I am on a mission my friends and I invite you all to join me in making my
mission a reality. I call this mission Peace Thru Unity 2000 -
Quantum Theory Project. The goal is to establish this project by Year
2000 and if you are familiar with Physics or Chemistry the concept of the
quantum theory is that if you can line up eighteen molecules the rest will
follow. So I am looking for only seventeen more souls to join me to
launch this mission.

Come my friends, on the verge of a New Age, join me in welcoming the
new millenium. Let us begin anew. Let us make 1997 the 'New Beginnings'.
In that moment of global consiousness, meditation and prayer let us all
CHOOSE to heal our world by opening our hearts and committing ourselves to
the experience of the "Global Oneness".

Love to you all!!