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Thu, 16 Jan 1997 20:30:33 -0700
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Thank you,

The info we got was great and your talk with Georgelle gave her what
she needed for a wonderful show. I'll send you a tape of the show early
next week.

Stephen A. Mullen

P.S. You inspired me to write the following. I hope you will like it.


Elemental my Dear Watson

The western esoteric system associates the element of fire with the
image of a wooden stick and the element of air with the image of a
sword, thereby projecting the vision of fire with wood and air with
The sword, however, is made from metal and is formed with fire ( as
any blacksmiths sweat will attest to) and yet is not consumed by it,
whereas fire does consume oxygen and vegetation (like wooden wands). The
sword likewise was designed to kill and consume life. Throughout mans
history, in fact, the sword has had no purpose other than to end life.
Wands, on the other hand, are made from trees, one of the primary
sources of the Earths oxygen supply as well as many wonderfully
refreshing smells of blossoms, evergreen forests and the like. For
millenniums the walking stick has been used by us to help preserve our
breath on long walks. A benevolent tool, for the most part, it is rarely
used as a means of destruction, unlike its metallic brother the sword.
The question is that if the western esoteric systems considered their
projected visualizations to have a profound influence on the worlds
well being, then why don't they accept their responsibility for the
burning of the rain forests and the polluting of our planet?
Our present associations, unfortunately, are attune with our present
problems instead of the much needed solutions. We need trees to make the
oxygen; needed for us to breath or we suffocate. How does envisioning
wands as fire convey this truth? Will not visions of wooden wands as
fire lead us away from this truth? Do you prefer visions of green wooded
forests, flowering meadows, clean water and fresh air or slash and burn
The point being, we must fully re-examine the basic esoteric systems we
live by and how we are unconsciously programming ourselves to destroy
the planet we live on. I feel that to fully heal ourselves and the
earth, we must first let go of the outdated programs and archaic
algorithms we presently adhere to. We need to build anew our basic
principles of life and once again work within natures geocentric system
instead of the present egocentric system that is about to destroy us. We
need to stop trying to over power and conquer nature and start to
cooperate with it. We dont need to continue working against each other;
all striving to be the king of the (animal) kingdom. Lets call a spade
a spade. Swords are fire and wands are air. Let the leaves of the trees
clean our air like only they can do best.
Oh dont worry there are plenty of other things we can burn to keep
warm and cook with that are a lot cleaner and far less destructive.

S. A. Mullen
Santa Fe, NM

Fri, 17 Jan 1997 11:58:34 -0500 (EST)

In the last month, it has become apparent to me that the planet needs our
attention, that we need to think of her as a living being that we exist in
partnership with. She has done so much for us, it is time for us to take up
our responsibility as her caretakers. Thank you for focusing this intent,
and giving us all the opportunity to work together!