Sun, 29 Dec 1996 20:35:57 +0100
From: (Earthwalk Astrology)

Dear Astrological Friends,

I am writing to inform you that a Grand Sextile aspect configuration does
not occur on 1/23/97, as erroneously stated on your website. Only planets,
and not horoscope angles such as an ascendant or midheaven, can fill in the
corners of the Grand Trines required to produce a Star of David. On that
day, the Leo Moon trines Saturn in Aries and Pluto in Sagittarius,
producing the Fire Grand Trine. The Sun-Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in
Aquarius trines Mars in Libra, but there is no planet in Gemini to complete
the Air Grand trine. Thus, a Star of David or Grand Sextile is not formed.
A Gemini ascendant, even with wishful thinking, does not do the job. I
understand and appreciate your idealistic dreams for improvements on this
planet, but from a technical astrological standpoint, you are misleading
those who visit your website with false hopes based on incorrect
astrological data.

Robert P. Blaschke
Earthwalk Astrology
PO Box 580
Cannon Beach, OR 97110
(503) 436-1082

Robert P. Blaschke
Earthwalk Astrology
PO Box 580
Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Gaia & Adult Responsibility
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 23:36:32 -0800
Jonathan Tifft <>

I know people mean well, but what is needed is for people to think
clearly and be really honest. The problems we have are due to real
factors in our social organization. We need to understand the causal
relationships in our society.

To be conscious of our situation means being conscious that money has
corrupted government at all levels, through a form of bribery known as
CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS. We need to be conscious that our means of mass
communication have been SOLD, and are not available for public
education. We need to be conscious of the relentless campaigns against
human intelligence that we find, unfortunately, in our superstitions and

The human brain is not a built-in enemy. It's purpose is to organize
our perceptions of reality, to promote our survival on Earth.

The Earth is not a living organism. We do not have good education in
any field, perhaps least of all in science. Because of this, people
don't know much about science, but a little biology is enough to give a
pretty good idea what an organism is.

It really doesn't help to misunderstand the nature of the Universe.
Think about the requirements of TRUE DEMOCRACY. One of them is an
educated populace.

I can think of a dozen solid reasons to reject the Gaia idea, AND SO CAN
YOU! The question may be, Why do people like the idea? Why do they
want to believe this? (And why do people believe based on desire,
rather than reality.)

People will kill each other, and starve to death, regardless of the
alignment of the planets. We need adults who will take responsibility
for these conditions, and commit themselves to working on real
solutions. People don't know where to begin, and that may be the reason
for so much escapism.

Go to the South Bronx, West Oakland, South Central L.A. Stay there
until the alignment changes the conditions you see around you, or give
some thought to what REALLY needs to be done.

Please pardon my bluntness. I am not diplomatic. It disturbs me to see
people who want a better world turning away from the reality of it. Do
your best thinking. It will pay off.

Spiritual Things
Fri, 17 Jan 97 05:22:31 UT
"Steve Manion" <>

It's funny how I chanced upon your page. I only am looking at it because I
keep patiently looking for the market to meltdown, and have been informed that
this type of astronomical configuration might be significant. Probably wont
mean anything, and the market will just keep moving much higher, but it is
interesting, the timing of these things. The market is moving right into new
all time highs right into the week of 1/20, when Billy boy gets inaugurated,
at a cost to taxpayer's of $40,000,000.00, by the way. "OOOOH, we care SOOOO
much for the poor."

All these people care about is power. And that is all you people care about is
power. You are trying to shift the paradigm to favor your point of view not
because you have a better way, but because it is your way, and damn the
outcome as long as all you new agers are running the show.

As for me, I am one of those most hated and despicable of all creatures living
on the earth. A right-wing, fundamentalist, born again Christian, that doesn't
even live up to the lofty standards proscribed in the Bible. To my credit at
least I know what they are and do what I can to, to use your word, 'align'
myself to them.

I really don't know what you people are expecting. But perhaps 1/23/97 doesn't
signal the dawning of the age of aquarius, but the actual start of the
tribulation. In a way this makes sense. The world always has things backwards.
What is good the world says is bad, right is wrong etc.

And the best part of all this is you'll never get rid of us. We will be here
praying in JESUS' name against the powers and principalities that you all
invoke. WE will win the battle - better yet HE has already won the battle.

Most people think Christians are out of their mind, narrow and bigoted, and
just basically the scum of the earth. I like that. And I really do not care.
And I do not care what a hypocrite you may think I am or in fact I may be. I
do know that when Jesus returns (however that will be and whenever that will
be, and however that may relate to any one of us) the Bible says:

"Many will come up to me in that day saying Lord, Lord, and yet I will say
depart from me because I never knew you"

So you see it is not all about this many paths garbage. Jesus said "I am the
way the truth and the life and NO one comes to the Father but by me"

I can see it now, all these so-called spiritual people, the new-agers,
whatever they call themselves, the ones who accepted everything but committed
themselves to nothing, will finally see Jesus. They will come running up to
him, wanting to jump on the bandwagon. "Oh there He is" they will say. And
unfortunately for them the Lord will have to say, "Sorry, man, it doesn't work
that way"

"There is no other name under heaven wherby a man must be saved"



Recent mailing about global meditation...
Sat, 18 Jan 1997 07:25:47 -0800
"Paul Powell" <>

You must have dug pretty deep to come up with my name for this recent
mailing! Jan 23rd is an infamous enough day with the anniversary of the
Roe v.s. Wade decision without something else un-Godly taking place!
Please remove my name from your mailing list:

Paul Powell
Novato, CA

I'll be sure to warning my other Christian friends to pray against such
un-Godly nonsense!

Sun, 19 Jan 1997 10:47:59 -0500 (EST)

The unfortunate thing about this crazy proposal is that it will divert people
away from constructive activity that might actually help to solve some of the
world's problems.

My suggestion: let each adult person on this planet vow to have one less
child; better yet, let each adult person volunteer to be sterilized.

Prayer? Astrology? Give me a break!