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Updated January 16, 1997

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Core Links

Sites with particularly strong resonance with The GaiaMind Project

The Global Brain
The Living Earth
GaiaMind in Egypt
Czech Version of this Page
Core Wave
InnerViews Interview
Headwaters Benefit

Gaia Hypothesis

The GaiaHypothesis

Evolution of Consciousness

The Noosphere
Global Mind - Net
Our Planet
One Degree Beyond
Consciousness Project
Our Planet
Scientific Pantheism


Other Stars of David - Appearances and Interpretations
The Planets 96
Jose Arguelles - Rinri Project
Astro Annie
Welcome to Planet Earth
Sun Angel
The Grand Super Cycle
Star of Bethlehem

Sacred Geometry

The School of Pythagoras

Meru Foundation
Flower of Life
Mark Newbold's Page
George W. Hart
Knot Plot Site
Bruce Rawles
Joey Bee

Visionary Art

Earth Echo - Gallery
Spiritual Renaissance Art Movement
Linda Landers Gallery
Rainbow Maker

Higher Consciousness

The Lycaeum
Council on Spiritual Practices
Greener Alternatives

Consciousness Research

Consciousness Research

Visionary Music

Mystic Music
Imperial DUB quarterly
Transformational Theatre of the Future

Resonant Visions

The Light Party
Gaia 1 Station
Earth Portals
Victory Net
Land of Enchantment
Adelaide Fountain
Unifying Fields Foundation
Global Visions
New Frontier
Planet Byron
Project Mind Foundation
Love Infinitely Universal
King Tet's Home Page
World Love 2000
One World Flag
Collective Communication

Indigenous Visions

The Hopi Prophesies

Ecology & Sustainable Culture

Wake Up
Making a Difference
Organic Trees
Wittenberg Center

Health & Healing

Waterbirth Website
Health World Online
Dream Weaver

Faith, Religion & Spirit

World Prayer
The White Eagle Lodge
Marianne Williamson

Wicca, Magic & Spirit

Airyn Darling - Spirit Page
Stardancer's Wheel of the Year

High Weirdness

ETI Messenger

Resonant Events: Conferences, Celebrations & Meditations

Inside Out - Lesbian & Gay Spirituality

Places on Earth

Lombok - Indonesia
Salt Spring Island - British Columbia
Prague - Czech Republic news page

Cross Linked Individual Sites

Maireid Sullivan - Dancer
William Whisenant - Psychologist / Astrologer
Iasos - Musician
Aix & Aya - Trippy People
New Zealand - Light Worker
Carmel Briggs - Personal Development Instructor
Claudia L'Amoreaux - Gaian Writer / Web Designer
Grey Fox's Site - The Way of the Shaman
Sabina Lopez Castell

Cross Linked Commercial Sites

DaKara Kies Company
Inner Peace Music Company
Now and Zen
Well Within - Sacred Sites Tours
New Age Web Works