Global Ionization Watch
Sat, 18 Jan 1997 18:45:36 -0800
From: (China Healthways Institute)

I will participate! Thank you for bringing people together.

This GAIAMIND meditation is among many important functions, an opportunity
to collect scientific data which documents the importance of group
meditations through measurement of increased ionization both locally and globally:

Does bringing or inviting down spirit creates ionization of the air?

1) Participants in powerful group meditations often experience an
electricity in the air and sometimes report the smell of ozone in the air.
Both indicate ionization.

2) Back in 1953, in Esoteric Healing, page 369, Alice Bailey suggests, "...
The healer's radiation has the effect of ionizing the atmosphere surrounding
the patient."

3) Meters are available which detect increases in static electric fields,
which are claimed to occur just before paranormal experiences.

4) The field generated during meditation or healing can sometimes be
photographed by normal photographic processes. (I will try to e-mail you
scans of some photos taken during a Qigong training in Beijing, China.)
While the mechanism is not known, it appears that the charged field in the
room either produces or reflects light.

Meditation groups can test these hypotheses and build up evidence as to the
reality of meditation states by bringing their cameras to the meditation
(any old camera, better with flash but can work without it, and preferably
using Fuji 35mm film, will probably photograph an intense ionization field,
which may be the result of the white light which you have suggested that we
manifest during meditation.) They can also bring their field meters.
(Available from many catalog companies including Tools for Exploration (888)
74-6657 or TriField Natural Field Meter AL940.

A bigger project which you may have undertaken is the re-ionization of
Earth's atmosphere. Earth's negative electric charge, its ozone layer, is
running down. This is evidenced by the hole in the ozone layer, which,
according to the latest data from the TOMS weather satellite, is continuing
to grow. We are monitoring the ozone layer, so that, if there is an
increase in atmospheric ionization, it will be measured on a global scale as
a shrinking of the hole in the ozone layer. If a significant changed is
measured, the meditation will be a huge scientific achievement, unmatched in
recorded history.

The planetary alignment at the time of the GAIAMIND meditation puts many
large planets in a line directly opposite the Sun from Earth. This creates
an intensified magnetic duct between the Sun and Earth. The alignment of the
full moon, directly opposing this massive planetary alignment intensifies
the magnetic duct even further.

The rapid purification of Earth over the last several decades has rapidly
consumed much of Earth's supply of negative ions just as a group of people
depletes the available negative ions in a poorly ventilated room. Earth's
principal supply of negative ions comes from the Sun. At the time of the
GAIAMIND meditation, there will be a very strong magnetic duct, able to
conduct a huge flow of negative ions from the Sun to Earth. All that is
need is electromotive force, the combined will of millions of meditators to
bring down white light.

I'll let you know if the TOMS weather satellite documents the importance of
the GAIAMIND meditation to the scientific world. I ask that those who
collect data on local ionization effects report them to me for compilation.

Thank you for spreading awareness of this global meditation.

Love and Light, Richard - e-mail: