Planetary Alignment 1-23 1997

hexagonal astrological chart

On January 23 1997 there will be a Star of David in the sky: A moment in time expressed in the heavens as a perfect hexagon. One needn't be an astrologer to recognize the perfection of this pattern formed by the planets, though only an astrologer would immediately recognize how unusual such geometric perfection is in any chart, and the significance of the multiple conjunction of the slow-moving outer planets which forms one tightly focused point of this star pattern.

This chart was accidently discovered looking for the culmination of a very long term cycle involving Neptune (dissolution and spiritual vision) with Uranus (sudden Promethean change). These two have been in conjunction throughout the '90s coinciding with revolution by dissolution in the Soviet Union (when in 1989 Saturn conjoined them with Jupiter opposite). In 1997 Jupiter, representing the principle of benevolent expansion, will join them, signifying a potential for the intensification of sudden spiritual change. Thus the emergence of a new spiritual impulse might be most likely in 1997. This alignment may represent the precise moment when consciously focused collective awareness might be especially effective. The awareness of the pattern itself could become a catalyst for a global meditation. The pattern will be exact at 12:35 pm in NYC, but will sweep over the entire planet at between noon and 1:00 pm, depending upon your exact longitude within your time zone. To find the exact time for your location cast a chart with 4 degrees Gemini rising on January 23rd 1997.

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