Flowers are the crowning achievement of the plant kingdom, expressions of divine creativity made manifest through heavenly scents and stunning displays of color. The divine creativity is also present on a subtle vibrational level, where each flower embodies a life-affirming pattern of conscious energy. These patterns have their origin in the higher dimensions and are expressed into our physical world through the specific form of each plant. Flower essences are a transference of these positive patterns of energy into a liquid medium. Each flower essence can help us to identify an emotional, mental, or spiritual quality within that needs to be awakened or strengthened. This quiescent or underdeveloped quality can be seen as one pole of a polarity. Flower essences assist the alignment of our polarized aspects which creates UNION, the vibrational frequency needed for the new paradigm.

With the planetary alignment coming up on the 23rd of January we have an opportunity to tap into and embody the cosmic energy that is being expressed by the Universe at this time. Wiccan remedies has created a blend of essences for this moment. It is to be taken in preparation for this alignment to assist us in opening our channels and receive this gift. The optimum dose for this blend is 7 drops, 3 times daily for 7 days prior to the alignment. I am selling this 1 oz bottle of Gaiamind Essence for $12.00. If you would like to order please send cash or check for $12.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling to Wiccan Remedies PO Box 744 Mill Valley, Ca, 94942. I will send it to you immediately. I wish I could just give it away to the whole world, but I can't afford it. So I am offering it to you the best way I can.

The actual definition of the Gaiamind Essence Blend is: Opening the channels as a unified being allowing the cosmic energy to flow through. Uniting collective consciousness, and harmonizing with the great Mother.