Musing Mystical with the Sunrise

The waking dream has infiltrated the whole of me
where I perceive no distinction between truth and mystery
where roots are required by necessity
in order to fly
I can feel, see, and know myself as infinite
and not have knowledge of what that means
yet my intrinsic nature simply whispers
Bring it here
Eventually it all must fit
Here in this body, this life, this space
Here in a solitary moment, a single breath
I openly shirk in fear, and rage with joy
at this vast potential
this ever inexorable, pervasive truth
that not a single one of us can hide from with success.
This reality has frustrated so often and so many
But somehow not least not today
For here it is as if I have become like this Earth around me
washed clean of what covered me but moments before.
I feel laden and soaked with the heavenly waters
this blood elixir of life and continuance
not knowing exactly how and where I will be nourished by it
But knowing it will nourish me
not knowing exactly what in me the floods and torrents will wash away
But knowing I will never see those parts of me again
so as I inspire with ancient star dust
and expire the consequences of choosing to be alive
I remain available to this place this life, this dance
the gossamer shimmering strand I co-created
in this ever expanding web of relations
And I will continue to experience and express
this joy, Love, innocence, and exuberance emphatically
with the pure enthusiasm, that springs forth, from the realization
that being all I'm being asked to do.
So today I will celebrate the waking dream
that is the whole of me
where truth and mystery blend ultimately
and roots are required by necessity
in order to fly

David Jonathan Margoliash